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TSO Mindful Vape Pen


Sativa-dominant blend high in CBD


TSO Mindful Pen “Awakening” is a sativa-dominant blend high in CBD. Release your creative muse. This hand-cultivated blend calms your mind, opening the pathway to creative thought. Softly energizing, it aids in focusing your mind allowing you to accomplish tasks with fresh insight and tranquil discipline. Be present.

Ingredients: 500 MG PURE CANNABIS OIL. THC to CBD RATIO 2:1, 50% THC, 25% CBD. C02 extracted pure cannabis oil and cannabis derived terpenes. No additives or fillers.


  • Inhale using mouthpiece located at end of pen with hole.
  • Inhale at a normal rate.
  • Stop when the tip of the pen lights up red. Do not inhale aggressively.
  • Please allow body time to adjust by waiting for 15 minutes for effect.
  • For maximum airflow, room temperature for oil cartridge is recommended.


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