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We are currently serving California.

See details about delivery and service areas here. 

In order to use our service you must have a valid government issued ID AND a current California medical marijuana recommendation.  We review these documents before processing your order, so please do not place an order if you do not have these documents. Despite the passing of Prop. 64, these items are currently still required. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].

Need a recommendation?

Visit our partner, HelloMD, for a discounted card.

At Sava we take your privacy seriously. Your government ID and recommendation are uploaded to our system via this form where an employee will log in to view it and validate your eligibility for our service. If you have additional questions about our privacy policy, please view it here. 

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Discounts for Seniors and Veterans

Sava is happy to offer a 10% discount for seniors and veterans. Email us at [email protected] to receive your discount code before you place your order. Please attach the below documentation to your email for verification.

  • 10% Senior Discount – Eligible at 62-years-old with proper ID.
  • 10% Veteran Discount –Please email DD-214, Department of Veterans Affair card, or Military ID with expiration date.

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