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  • h Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
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A popular hybrid good for a playful social high.

  • h Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
  • Daytime

An energizing strain great for being outside with friends.

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  • h Indica-Dominant Hybrid
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Gourmet chocolates available as a full pack or single serving.

Why Sava?

Friend-like recommendations.

We rigorously vet the vast world of cannabis and hand-pick the cream of the crop, tailored to your real-life needs. We're like the cannabis-expert-friend you never had.

Elevated experiences. 

From the way we pack it to the moment we drop it off at your doorstep, we find creative ways to elevate the experience of buying, trying and enjoying cannabis.

Women supporting women.

We are founded and led by women, and we actively foster gender inclusivity to balance the power dynamics as the cannabis industry grows.

Freshly Picked

  • s Sativa
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Mimosa is a happy strain that provides energy and focus.

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A happy strain that provides a cerebral high.

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Made with love in California

I Use Sava for Sleep

I've always been someone who doesn't sleep well. Ever since I started using the sleep tinctures from Sava, I can easily get a full 8 hours uninterrupted. I just generally feel calmer since I started integrating cannabis into my life.

— Natalie, San Francisco
News / March 2020
How We're Protecting Our Community
Things are very different right now than life-as-usual, and we want to assure you that we are here for you. We are operating with increased safety protocols.
Recipes / March 2020
Immunity Balance Tea Recipe With Juna
Want to give your immune system a boost while also calming your nervous system? Try this CBD immunity boosting balance tea that is sweet, spicy, and soothing.

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