Papa & Barkley products are born out of love and rooted in science.

Papa & Barkley is an award-winning line of topicals, tinctures, and patches that focus on pain relief management. Our super potent formulations are 100% natural, triple-tested for safety and efficacy, and made with premium sun grown cannabis flowers. Our products offer a range of ratios from THC rich formulations for acute pain relief to CBD rich formulations for chronic pain and inflammation management.

Our Releaf line was inspired by a son’s mission to find a pain management solution for his elderly father’s debilitating back pain. After all conventional treatments failed, he developed the first iteration of what is now our award-winning pain Releaf Balm. Today, we are a team of caregivers, scientists, researchers, and designers with a common mission: to unlock the potential of the cannabis plant to improve people’s lives.