1. The leader in high-potency cannabis
  2. Better Living Through Cannabis
  3. The first cannabis beverage designed for your bar cart
  4. Light the spark that leads the way. Designed by women who enjoy high potency experiences.
  5. Outrageously potent, powerful, and pure cannabis
  6. The first cannabis-infused social tonic
  7. CBD products available in a variety of ratios and strengths
  8. Full spectrum cannabis extracts made in Oakland, CA
  9. Beautifully crafted and designed products that are rooted in science and made with intention
  10. Win the day with great tasting, light cannabis
  11. Sparkle Up Your Life!
  12. Target formulas. Precise dosage.
  13. Sun-grown cannabis balanced by curated blends of globally inspired botanicals
  14. A woman-owned business specializing in all-natural, irresistibly delicious vegan gummies
  15. Sun+Earth certified, minimally processed flower
  16. Sessionable, refreshing, cannabis-infused sparkling beverages
  17. Artisanal edibles and sun-grown pre-rolls for finding balance
  18. Clean, whole-plant cannabis skincare for beautiful skin
  19. The next big thing in beer and cannabis, brought to you by Lagunitas and Absolute Extracts
  20. Equatorial sativa specialists
  21. Chic smoking accessories for a modern lifestyle
  22. Women-owned business nestled in the redwoods of Humboldt County, CA
  23. Women-owned company inspired by a friend who battled cancer
  24. Discreet sublingual strips that melt in your mouth
  25. Precisely dosed and naturally delicious cannabis gummies, chocolates, mints, and chews
  26. "Lady Buds" is the award-winning film about six courageous women who come out of the shadows of the cannabis underground to risk their livelihoods to forge a path to legalization.
  27. The first specialty coffee brand offering unique pairing suggestions matching tasting notes of coffee to full cannabis flower
  28. Plant medicine, small molecule chemistry, and an obsession with cannabis come together
  29. Strain-specific, whole-plant, cannabis beverages that unlock the true power of the flower for better living. Award-winning and always craveable—this is a thoroughly modern family of cannabis refreshers and mocktails from Bloom to BottleTM

  30. Lab-tested CBD and THC topicals for a healthy and centered lifestyle
  31. Fast Times, Quiet Times, All Times—and every moment in between
  32. A regenerative sun-grown farm that has been certified by Sun and Earth and Dem Pure.
  33. All-female collective dedicated to providing the most effective, enjoyable, consistent, and highest quality products
  34. Zero-proof cannabis spirits that elevate the everyday
  35. Founded on caring for the ones we love
  36. Sleek, modern, and sophisticated vaping devices
  37. Dosable elevation that simply tastes better
  38. Healthy. Happy. Honest.
  39. Feel Better. Live Brighter.
  40. Boutique cannabis brand that focuses on quality of product, minimalist design, and the overall user experience
  41. Oakland-based collective breeding and cultivating California's best cannabis phenotypes
  42. A fixin' for a vixen: your daily cannabis regimen
  43. Enhances pleasure and fosters sustainable practices of self-care
  44. Your single source for Clean Green certified cannabis grown in Santa Barbara County
  45. Design-forward accessories to elevate your cannabis ritual
  46. Artisanal edibles made with flower rosin and unique flavors from award-winning chefs
  47. Where quality, consistency, and advanced cannabis technologies commune
  48. Only the best in cannabis
  49. Highest quality full spectrum extracts sun-grown in Mendocino County
  50. Nestled on 37 acres of naturally farmed land, co-opted by world class chefs and their restaurants
  51. Made with only pure flower, harvested by farmers devoted to strictly organic practices
  52. High-quality craft cannabis for high-minded people
  53. A leader in cannabis topicals since 2015, our award-winning formulations quickly restore equilibrium to painful conditions
  54. Small batch, high quality edibles made with love
  55. High quality, doctor-formulated cannabis products
  56. Consistent, adventurous, delicious. A flavor for every occasion.
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