Cannabis at its best.

It’s the dawn of a new era in cannabis - out of the shadows, and into the light. But this new day brings an abundance of choice that makes it hard to know what’s best, and way more importantly, what’s best for you.

The cannabis industry is ignoring a very important truth.

It’s pretty simple, and pretty obvious: Everyone’s different, with different needs and different relationships to cannabis. So, by definition, getting “the best cannabis” means learning more about what you need, and tailoring your experience around that.

At Sava, we rigorously vet the vast world of cannabis and hand-pick the highest quality products, tailored to real-life needs that range anywhere from post-marathon pain relief to good old-fashioned relaxation.

Plus, we help you identify those real-life needs, by offering easy-to-understand educational tools and 1-on-1 customer support to get to know the role cannabis can play in making your life better, however that looks for you.

How might cannabis work for you?

  • RUNNERS who want to recover

  • ATHLETES who are feeling sore

  • VETERANS who need a good night’s sleep

  • MOMS who want to unwind, but stay present

  • WORKAHOLICS who want to decompress

  • PARTY PEOPLE who don’t want a hangover or the anxiety

  • SENIORS who want pain relief without the high

  • FESTIVAL-GOERS who want a healthier experience

  • COUPLES wanting to spice up their sex life

What we believe

Our values are baked into everything we do - so that we can take better care of you, each other, and the planet.

Recommend like a friend

In a world of too many options, we only hand-select the products that we’d use ourselves or recommend to the people we love. We also actively seek out independently owned, small-batch brands to honor early cannabis pioneers, since they are often pushing the bar of quality beyond what’s possible in mass production.


We are founded and led by women, and we actively foster gender inclusivity to balance the power dynamics as the cannabis industry grows. It’s good for women, but in our humble opinion, it’s also good for getting the best cannabis experience.

Committed to equity

At Sava, we are committed to helping end systemic racism in our society as well as inequity in the cannabis industry. Please see our full list of actions here.

Experience matters

Not so long ago, you would buy your cannabis through a shady dealer in the shadows. Now that cannabis has (rightfully) come into the light, we strive to elevate the experience of buying, trying and enjoying cannabis.

Waste less

If we’re going to sell plants, we’d better protect the Earth that grows them. We’re on a mission to make our green even greener by cutting down waste in our facility and also seeking out brands that grow, process, and package with the highest standards.

Cannabis for all

We offer reduced pricing for seniors, active military and veterans, and those on Social Security disability. Because everyone deserves to reap the benefits of this magical plant.

Our over-the-top standards

If we wouldn’t use it, we don’t offer it. And we’re picky. So most products don’t make it.

Here’s a quick overview of our over-the-top standards:


Every item has been lab-tested by a third party - that is, someone who didn’t make it.


We adhere to the industry’s strictest rules and regulations to raise the bar for the industry.


We insist on inclusivity and support brands that serve women, minorities, LGBTQ, disabled persons and seniors.


We demand transparency from our brands to ensure that we can carefully recommend our products to serve very specific needs.


We prioritize independently-owned brands, making space for artisan crafters and women-owned shops.


We learn about and share the stories of our products and their makers, to make your cannabis experience less mass-produced and more human.

Talk to a real human

Talk or email with a real human who can guide you to your best-case cannabis experience. We’re around 9am-5pm PST, Monday through Friday. Outside of those times, you can always shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Sava was built by a team of women who are passionate about changing the conversations around cannabis.

Andrea Brooks | Founder and CEO

Andrea is a cannabis advocate, lobbyist for social change, and an entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness. Following a disabling injury in which cannabis played a crucial role in her recovery, she was inspired to advocate for the plant and build solutions in the space. She founded Sava in 2015. Andrea enjoys leveraging her previous career in human and social services to build strategic industry relationships and create a thriving Sava community.

Amanda Denz, MA | Co-Founder and CMO

Amanda is passionate about leveraging design and technology to elevate the dialogue around cannabis and its powerful uses. Amanda joined Sava to build out the web experience and digital marketing and now leads brand strategy, marketing, communication and digital experience as Co-Founder and CMO.

Talk to a real human

Our team is just an email or phone call away.

Email for the fastest response, or call 415-993-9973 (9am to 5pm, Mon to Sat).