white vape pen leaning on teal geometric shapes

Let's Talk About Vape Pens

We know many of you have seen news reports about vaping and have concerns. Safety is important to us at Sava and we are keeping a close eye on this as it unfolds. 

Sava does not manufacture any of our own products - we list products from California’s top brands on our platform and arrange to have them brought to your door. We choose what brands to work with based on their commitment to quality and transparency. Everything listed on Sava goes through the rigorous testing required by licensed dispensaries to meet the compliance requirements under California's cannabis regulations. 

To date, we have not received recall notices for any vape products currently listed on Sava. Many of our brand partners have proactively issued statements about their products, however, and we’ve collected them here so you can learn about specific brands you’re curious about and also understand the measures they are taking for customer safety.

All of this being said, everyone is different and some of you are working with various health conditions. If you have questions specific to your health, we encourage you to contact your personal healthcare provider about how you might be individually affected by products available on Sava or by cannabis products in general. 

We will continue to closely monitor this issue. 

Read more about our vape brands' commitment to safety: