Artisan Flower Brands That Are Changing the Cannabis Game
Learn about a few of the artisan flower brands on Sava that are all about being kind to the Earth while producing premium, sun-grown cannabis.

Sonoma Hills Farm


Above, from left: Sonoma Hills Farms VP of Cultivation & Production Aaron Keefer, Chief Operating Officer Joyce Cenali along with Sava founders Andrea Brooks and Amanda Denz during a farm tour. Photo by Cavan Clark.

Sonoma Hills Farm is an OCal and Sun & Earth certified, premium craft cannabis farm and culinary garden nestled on 60-acres in Sonoma Valley’s Petaluma Gap appellation, one of the nation’s premier wine terroirs. Led by Aaron Keefer, the former culinary gardener for the Thomas Keller Group & The French Laundry, the farm collaborates with Michelin-starred chefs to select and cultivate the highest expression of sun-grown cannabis, hemp and vegetables. Sonoma Hills Farm's cannabis flower is produced in harmony with nature using regenerative farming techniques and is harvested at it's full-term peak potential. The farm bridges Sonoma county's rich agricultural history with a farm-to-table cannabis lifestyle, curating an experience for the sophisticated and passionate flower consumer.

Their 2021 harvest is the first ever OCal certified cannabis product to hit California shelves.
In late October, Sonoma Hills Farm and Sensiboldt Farms became the first ever certified OCal “comparable to organic” cannabis farms in California, and therefore the nation. OCal is a new certification program through the California Dept. of Food and Ag (CDFA). The first cannabis certification program of its kind in the U.S., OCal's standards, certification process, and regulations mirror almost exactly those of the USDA's National Organics Program (NOP), ensuring consumers that cannabis products bearing the OCal seal have met the consistent, uniform standards comparable to NOP. The farm’s pasture, vegetable, flower, and hemp garden have also been recently certified organic. Learn more about Sonoma Hill Farm's OCal certification in this article by the Washington Post.

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Moon Made Farms


Moon Made Farms is located in Southern Humboldt County, at the heart of the Emerald Triangle. It's 33.3 miles from the Pacific Ocean, 2100 feet in elevation, situated on the leeward side of of a mountain with southern exposure on slopes of rock and clay dominant soil. 

Their goal is to incorporate the surrounding biology through onsite composting, use of native soil and forest and plant material, and by closing loops on the land. This way the genetics of the plant can fully express themselves in a way that is intimately tied to this unique environment. They get to know the personality of every plant along the way and care for them individually. It’s an eight month cycle from the time they crack seeds to harvesting at full expression and then curing the flower to preserve its essence.

Moon Made farmers use all of their senses to produce a flower that best reflects the place it comes from, the heart of the Emerald Triangle.

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Flow Kana


Flow Kana is rooted in the rich legacy and culture of the Emerald Triangle & surrounding regions. Pioneers of the California cannabis industry found a restorative environment with the ideal terroir to cultivate world renowned, sustainably produced, premium, sungrown cannabis.

Flow Kana established the first network of licensed, independent cannabis cultivators, and quickly became the best-selling sun-grown craft cannabis flower brand in California.

Flow Kana connects consumers with the Emerald Triangle’s legacy cultivators and unique genetics in the form of premium, sustainable, sun-grown cannabis flower—to enhance their lives and help achieve flow state.

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Stone Road


Stone Road was founded with the conviction that cannabis is one of the planet’s great natural gifts to humans, and that all people should have access to the best of it. They own and operate our family-run biodynamic farm on the top of a hill in Nevada City, CA. With only half an acre worth of greenhouses on a rural 57-acre spread, the land remains 99% wild and untamed.  All of our water is straight from an artesian well, 460-feet-deep, at the ideal 6.4ph, which allows them to water straight from the earth.

Stone Road utilizes living soil to create mini ecosystems in each bed. The soil is an amalgamation of living organisms that creates natural pest barriers and encourages healthy plant growth. They never treat our plants with synthetic products - even if they are organically occurring - instead opting to use nature’s intended resources — ladybugs, predator mites, and a medley of beneficial fungi.

For Stone Road, quality is about purity, attention to detail, and kindness to the Earth. Every single joint is triple-checked, so that we get to feel good and you get to feel even better.

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Gift of Doja



Gift of Doja's curator Nina Parks had a vision that started to bloom in the stillness of the first shelter-in-place. The vision re-lit a fire in her consciousness and she could feel her higher self needing space to create and curate. It said now more than ever it was time to step up be a good steward of sacred plant medicines and the divine feminine and that this wisdom needed to express itself as loudly and as unapologetically as California Cannabis herself.

…and so Gift of Doja was born. Nina Parks curates small batch cannabis grown by farmers from all over California who choose to cultivate the plant with love and intention. Each strain that is chosen highlights the unique expressions of the plant and each jar of Gift of Doja gives you a space to dedicate and manifest your own love and intentions into your daily life or into the lives of the ones that you gift it to.

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