Fast-Acting Edibles: Welcome to the Future of Cannabis

“Has it kicked in yet?”

Experienced cannabis edibles users know this phrase like frustrated parents on a road trip know, “Are we there yet?”

If you find yourself waiting for the experience to kick in, wondering how long do edibles take to work, you’re not alone.

The cannabis industry is constantly innovating, and the emerging cannabis trend of fast-acting edibles is quickly rising in popularity. Using the newest, innovative technologies, fast-acting cannabis ediblesare a path towards allowing you to plan, dose, and enjoy your edibles experience like never before.

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What Are Fast-Acting Edibles?

Fast-acting edibles are an emerging trend in the world of cannabis edibles that are designed to take effect quickly, providing an experience that comes on faster than traditional marijuana edibles. Fast-acting edibles are said to have an onset time of 10–15 minutes after ingesting, and the effects may last for around three hours.

While these new innovations are exciting, keep in mind that the technology behind fast-acting edibles is still evolving as we learn more about the science that goes into creating faster onset times. 

How Are Fast-Acting Edibles Made?

The manufacturing process behind fast-acting edibles is different than that of traditional edibles. Cannabis scientists drew inspiration from other industries to produce these fast-acting, accurate, safe, and effective edibles.

Read on to discover the two leading scientific processes behind our favorite fast-acting treats.


One of the most important innovations in creating fast-acting edibles is nanoemulsion.

Emulsion is simply the mixing of two things that don’t normally blend, like oil and water. Think about shaking vinaigrette in a jar, and how the vinegar eventually suspends in the oil to create a uniform, cohesive blend.

Cannabis nanoemulsion is made from cannabis oil that undergoes a high-energy ultrasonic process to separate the compound into nano-particles, which are then encapsulated for water solubility and therefore higher bioavailability. The ultrasonic waves shake the Nano CBD and Nano THC or other cannabinoid particles to separate them for a cohesive blend, and the microencapsulation keeps them suspended so the emulsion is stable.

THC in its natural state is oil, while the human body is over 60% water, which is why the Nano CBD and THC processes are a game-changer in providing faster-acting, more bioavailable cannabinoids in the edibles we have available today.

One of our favorite fast-acting edibles that uses nanoemulsion are the Dosist Calm 10:1 CBD Lemon Balm Citrus Vegan Gummies. The Dosist gummy is a vegan, all-natural, gluten-free, organic, fast-acting performance gummy. This nano CBD-blend gummy will brighten your day and help melt your stress away.


Microencapsulation is a process adopted from pharmaceuticals, where proper dosage, consistency, and reliability are of the utmost importance.

In conjunction with the nanoemulsion process, cannabinoids are coated with fat globules to be absorbed into the body more quickly. When cannabinoids are encapsulated, they are more likely to be absorbed through the stomach lining and mucus membranes. Drew Hathaway, a senior food scientist at Stillwater, found that microencapsulated-cannabis products had a total of 450% higher absorption rate of cannabinoids versus a standard oil-based product. The increased permeability is what leads to this quicker onset and increased bioavailability.

Microencapsulation eliminates the cannabis flavor, allowing for a wider range of treats that don’t necessarily mask the more herbal, resinous flavors commonly found in cannabis.

Three Main Types of Fast-Acting Edibles

We love trying the best emerging fast-acting edibles out there and sharing our favorites with our customers, so you know exactly what to get when it’s time to order edibles online

Fast-Acting Infused Beverages

Out of the various kinds of fast-acting edibles, drinks have the most reliable fast onset time because they’re absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the thin membranes in our mouth, stomach, and gut and don’t need to wait until they hit the liver for the cannabinoids to be broken down. 

We absolutely adore a fast-acting cannabis drink at the park, at dinner, while watching a movie, or while hanging with friends around a bonfire. For a light, refreshing drink with a happy buzz and no hangover, try Cann's Social Tonic. Each zesty can has 4mg CBD and 2mg THC for a sweet, euphoric time. We love our friends at Cann and are so pleased to have collaborated with another values-driven, queer-founded company. 

We absolutely love the on-the-go Cann Roadies, which are little packets of 2:1 CBD:THC tastiness. A discreet low-calorie option, simply mix a 30-calorie packet with your favorite beverage—the colder and bubblier, the better! 

Fast-Acting Gummies Edibles

Fast-acting gummies are made using the nanoemulsion or microencapsulation processes we outlined above. 

We can’t get enough of the Sundae School Milktea Sundae Boba Mochi Gummies, which are low-sugar, vegan, and gently coated with Kinoko powder for mochi realness. Not only do they taste amazing, each of these relaxing and freeing indica gummies have 10mg THC for a smooth, sweet ride.

Another one of our favorites? The PLUS Sleep Cloudberry Gummies, with 5mg THC, 1mg CBN, and 1mg CBD per piece. These dual-function, fast-acting, and long-lasting gummies are made with all-natural ingredients and formulated with a precise blend of cannabinoids. It's the perfect gummy to help you fall asleep faster, enjoy continuous restful sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.

Fast-Acting Sublinguals

Sublinguals may be the new kids on the block, but they are already stealing our hearts. Are they technically edibles? Since they dissolve completely under your tongue, we vote yes, even if there’s no chewing involved with these fast-acting edibles. 

For calm, comfort, and relief, we love the Kin Slips Park Life CBD sublingual strips, with an easygoing 10:1 CBD to THC formulation. Let the savory-sweet mango and turmeric flavors dissolve while your body and mind enter a state of rest, relaxation, and renewal.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional and Fast-Acting Edibles?

For a long time, cannabis-industry experts have been trying to solve the main challenge associated with traditional edibles: the unpredictable onset time, which can even vary in the same person day-to-day depending on what or how much they have eaten recently. When people answer the question “how long do edibles take?” with traditional edibles, the onset time varies anywhere from 30 minutes to more than two hours. This is because traditional edibles are digested and processed through the liver before making it into the bloodstream, which takes a long time.

On the other hand, THC in fast-acting edibles is absorbed in various other ways–sublingually under the tongue or in the lining of the mouth, through the stomach lining, etc., entering the bloodstream directly and taking less time to take effect. According to the science, they are also formulated to make the cannabinoids more bioavailable, meaning that fast-acting edibles will hit your system more quickly and efficiently.

Not only do fast-acting edibles take less time to hit, but they are also supposed to provide a completely different effect than traditional edibles. Traditional cannabis edibles are processed through the liver, converting the cannabinoids into 11-Hydroxy THC, which gives these edibles their signature effect. Meanwhile, fast-acting edibles contain cannabinoids in the Delta-9 THC format, just like smoking cannabis. Not only does that mean that they may kick in more quickly, they may also not last as long as traditional edibles. They get metabolized quicker, and just like smoking, the effects of fast-acting edibles may last somewhere between 2–4 hours.

The innovations in cannabis technology mean that delicious fast-acting cannabis drinks and nanotech edibles are now among the most popular choices when you buy edibles online.

Perks of Traditional Edibles Vs. Smoking

Traditional marijuana edibles offer tried-and-true benefits over smoking or vaping: 

  • No respiratory risk

  • Accuracy in dosage compared to smoking

  • Longer duration

  • Accessible

  • Discreet

  • Delicious! 

Perks of Fast-Acting Edibles

What we think you will love about fast-acting edibles is that they feature all the above, as well as these amazing potential benefits: 

  • Faster onset time

  • Shorter duration

  • Cerebral buzz

The Effects of Traditional vs. Fast-Acting Edibles

Onset time is not the only thing differentiating fast-acting edibles from their traditional counterparts. Fast-acting edibles are metabolized differently, producing distinctly different sensations. 

Fast-Acting Edibles Produce Cerebral Buzz

Fast-acting edibles deliver a sensorial experience that is much closer to smoking than to traditional edibles. 

You might feel the delta-9 more clearly. In low and moderate doses, Delta-9 THC can promote relaxation, euphoria, a giggly mood, and relief from tension. That’s because THC’s chemical structure (C21H30O2) is similar to the naturally occurring brain chemical anandamide (C22H37NO2). The similarity in structure allows the body to recognize THC and alter normal brain communication.

The word “anandamide” originates from the Sanskrit “?nanda,” which translates to “bliss” or “joy,” an indication of the cannabinoid’s properties as a mood enhancer. Anandamide affects brain areas that influence pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, movement, coordination, and sensory and time perception. 

According to emerging research,fast-acting ediblesmay provide you with a brighter mood, enhanced optimism, and increased energy. It may also be great for social or creative situations due to its mood-enhancing and euphoric effects.

Traditional Edibles Produce Body Buzz

Once traditional edibles are ingested, your stomach breaks down the edible into its component parts. The THC goes to the liver, where it’s converted into a different, stronger form of THC, known as 11-Hydroxy THC, sometimes written as 11-OH-THC. 

11-OH-THC is much more potent and produces a more intense psychoactive experience. The strength of 11-OH-THC is somewhere between 1.5 and 7 times more potent than Delta-9

Because of the stronger effect in the brain, it produces not just a head buzz, it also produces a potent relaxing body effect. This may leave the user feeling less functional and energetic and with the more soothing effect of a full-body high. This might explain why traditional edibles are great for managing pain, watching silly movies, or enjoying a delicious meal.

Body highs from traditional edibles are great for treating pain and promoting relaxation, as well as enhancing sexual awareness and bodily sensations.

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