Man smiling and holding a holiday present to introduce Sava holiday gift guide

Wanting to initiate the curious with a thoughtful gift tailored for the person who is new to cannabis?

Check out these products, perfect for the person who is interested in finding the right cannabis for their needs but isn't sure where to start!

The Perfect Way to Start the Day

When the moment calls for a touch of elevation, PLUS Uplift Sour Watermelon Sativa Gummies are your new favorites. The effect is a functional uplift perfect for daytime use.

PLUS 5mg THC gummies in 20 pack

Elevate Your Hiking Experience

This 1:1 hybrid granola bar is a balanced experience that makes you want to get out on the trail! Perfect for mindfulness, and playfulness in a 5mg THC + 5 mg CBD blend that can easily be halved for newcomers looking to start low & go slow. 

Lemon blueberry and almond cannabis infused trail bar

Add Some Sparkle to Your Holidays

Looking to add some sparkle to your holiday? Try Kiva’s unconventional ratio of CBD to THC for a euphoric high without any anxiety. Who needs a getaway when you can transform your day into a weekend in wine country with one of these gummies?

Sparkling Pear Kiva 2mg gummies in 20 pack

Pamper Yourself in Luxury

Looking to indulge in more self-care this season? Kiskanu’s soothing Cannabis Face Oil is the perfect present & will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, while fighting aging and balancing your natural skin oils.

Kiskanu cannabis face oil in 1 fl oz bottle and dropper