Find The Perfect Match With Sonoma Hills Farmer's Reserve Jane West Pipes

History is rife with epic pairings. Sonny and Cher. Woz and Jobs. Jean shorts and tank tops.

When it comes to pairings we consume, things get crazy. Foods pair with each other, like bacon and eggs. They also pair with great wine—a filet, for example, with a luscious Napa Valley cabernet.

Our friends at Sonoma Hills Farm in Petaluma (Sonoma County) are angling to take the notion of pairings to an even higher level, matching gourmet food with top-quality, limited-edition flower for a perfect blend of flavor and effect.

The herb comes from ultra-exclusive strains grown on the 37-acre farm, which sits in the Petaluma Gap appellation, one of the nation’s premier wine terroirs. The man behind the cannabis: Aaron Keefer, who formerly managed the culinary gardens for Chef Thomas Keller and his iconic Napa Valley restaurant, The French Laundry.

It’s no coincidence that Sonoma Hills hired Keefer away from one of the best restaurants in the world; the farm sees a future where food and cannabis are interchangeable parts of a greater whole. One way to get there: Farmer's Reserve strains individually packaged in all-in-one flower-and-pipe combos.

We like to think of each pre-packed glass pipe as the equivalent of one glass of hard-to-find wine. The pieces, from Jane West, are now available exclusively through Sava.

Today we offer eight different Sonoma Hills Farmer's Reserve strains in the Jane West pipes, including Fruit Snacks, Limepop Kush, and Ghost Cherry OG, to name a few. The strains will change over time, depending on what Keefer and Sonoma Hills are growing on the farm.

We recently shared the current lineup with some of our favorite San Francisco chefs, including Kim Alter of Nightbird. Alter smoked through the lineup, then she and Keefer shared their favorite pairings for each strain.

Fruit Snacks: Ideal for a sun-kissed summer picnic, or rosé-all-day in the park kind of celebration. Bring your sunglasses, you’ll need them. 

  • Notes: Summer strawberry, melon, champagne

  • Vibe: Enthusiastic, euphoric, joyous

  • Pair with: Watermelon salad, pepino, mint, cucumber and salsa macha 

Ghost Cherry OG: Great with comfort food and good company. Expect a full-body high with smooth smoke. 

  • Notes: Sun-dried cherries, port wine, redwood

  • Vibe: Low-key, cushy, thoughtful

  • Pair with: Smoky cheese grits, matsutake confit, pickled shiitake and pine-mushroom jus

Limepop Kush: For when you’re feeling like hanging out on a rooftop, mezcal in hand. Imagine a breeze with the essence of earthy charcoal. 

  • Notes: Ginger, Thai chili, lime

  • Vibe: Rich, jubilant, golden

  • Pair with: Seared duck, smoked beets, Makrut lime and Périgord truffle

White Tahoe Cookies: As lively as a champagne toast, an energetic high that carries you through to the final pour. Keep the bubbles flowing. 

  • Notes: Warm aromatics, OG lemon, buttery cookies

  • Vibe: Lifted, introspective, conversational

  • Pair with: Short-rib poutine