Products made with integrity that you can trust and enjoy.

All of our ingredients are sourced for the best quality and with an emphasis on local relationships. We offer healthy, delicious edibles made with the highest quality cannabis, and our commitment to a meticulous production process ensure a consistent product that allows our customers to feel confident about their experience.

The founder of Atlas Edibles, Ezra Malmuth, is a professional chef with a background in culinary nutrition. He created Atlas as a response to the lack of healthy, mindful edible options on the market. Each of our four unique recipes was created to compliment the flavors and the effects of the cannabis and provide a wholesome delicious experience from start to finish.

In addition to the attention we put into what goes in our packages, we have used the packages themselves to promote local artists who embrace this creative and community oriented industry. Each package is adorned with the art of a different artist and we hope to continue to support the local art community with our products.

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