Bhang makes finely crafted cannabis products that turn the fairly enjoyable into the ridiculously fun.

Here are 10 things you need to know about me.

  1. I'm the BHALLSY OG chocolate brand. I've risked life and liberty to bring relief to medical patients for a decade.

  2. My greatest validation is the notes I receive from customers telling me the most positive impact I have in their lives.

  3. I have eight f*cking amazing flavors including Dark, Milk, Fire, Ice, Parisian Espresso, Caramel Mocha, Dark Caramel CBD, and Cookies and Cream. The Bhang brand is found in 9 states and 16 countries.

  4. Our dark chocolate flavors are vegan friendly.

  5. I am the one and only gourmet THC chocolate with flavor and consistency so reliable you can take it to the bank. I am the undisputed BHOSS of flavor. I always taste like chocolate, not cannabis.

  6. I was BHORN 10 years ago in Oakland, CA and I set the safety standards for THC edibles. I paved the way for proper labeling, liability insurance and verified potency from end to end.

  7. I was then and continue today to be the leader in providing a trustworthy quadruple tested predictable experience with every BHITE.

  8. Scott Van Rixel, my master chocolatier, is European trained. He doesn't play with useless additives and avoids high fructose corn syrup. He ethically-sourced South American Cocoa. Given the research on the wellness benefits of this fine bean, it's no accident he sought to create a delicious chocolate bar with one of the highest percentages of cocoa on the market today.

  9. My founders have always respected the female plant and consciously BHUILT a company that is 100% female led.

  10. Our chocolate is an 8x Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so yeah, I have been flattered over the years. But those who know -and even try other chocolates- always come back to the gourmet flavor and trusted experience of BHANG. Don't believe me? BHITE ME.