Life is Bhetter with Bhang

Whether your taste buds are craving something salty, sweet or fruity, we have a delicious lineup of cannabis-infused chocolates that will satisfy any craving. Our master chocolatier redefined the word "edible" and brought the world of luxury chocolate to cannabis.

We've created proprietary blends of sustainably-sourced beans to develop rich, velvety chocolate. This is why only Bhang chocolates have a cannabis-free taste. We’ve perfected our recipes to ensure you can enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids in a decadent bar of gourmet chocolate.

Over a decade after being founded in California, we continue to thrive, grow and honor our roots by using only the world’s finest natural ingredients that are eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced from our cannabis to our cacao creating delicious gourmet cannabis-infused chocolate treats.

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