Cali Heights

Cali Heights

Outrageously potent, powerful, and pure cannabis

Cali Heights was started in Southern California by non-conformists who have been steadfast to cannabis since prohibition—before cannabis was considered a business. Our team of unconventional free spirits is jam-packed with an undercurrent of West Coast vibes.

Our original goal remains firm today: to deliver “Outrageously Potent, Powerful & Pure” cannabis products that inspire people with good spirits. The energy poured into our brand catapults Cali Heights into more stores monthly throughout California, one awe-inspired customer at a time.

Our team of diehards is dedicated to creating the highest-grade cannabis products by exceeding every criterion set by the state of California. Our approach to product quality is direct; we ensure our products contain exactly what is described on the label.

We believe in being uncomplicated and upholding integrity in what we do. We intend to give customers premium products while continually improving.


Our cannabis is California-grown and comes directly from our trusted network of local farmers. We extract oil using the most advanced cold ethanol and BHO extraction platforms and refine it using only heat and pressure. Our finished product is golden in color, powerful in effect, and pure to its soul.


“To create the most potent, pure, and, flavorful cannabis products moving beyond ordinary to achieve the extraordinary.”

Cannabis, in our opinion, improves our lifestyle and enriches our experiences. It enhances good times with friends and leads to a satisfying life. Accomplishing this mission gives us meaning. 

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