Doc Green's

Doc Green's

Healing cannabis products manufactured in Berkeley, CA, since 2009

Founded and based in Berkeley, CA, Doc Green's has manufactured healing cannabis products since 2009.

Doc Green’s is made up of a team of OG’s, activists, tree huggers, plant lovers, trailblazers, artists, scientists, medicine makers, and dare we say, magicians?! What we’re doing isn’t new. For thousands of years the world has used cannabis for everything from food to medicine, building materials and more. Prohibition stigmatized the plant and drove it underground. But freedom fighters kept on keeping on, and here we are today–in a fully legal market, rich with an ever expanding variety of products.

Doc Green’s is different. We’ve been doing this for more than a decade. And we have experience in each part of the cannabis supply chain. From cultivation to retail, our team’s roots run deep. We love doing this, and we’re dedicated to making the best products and highest quality medicine possible. Consumers used to be patients, and we still think of this plant as medicine, and treat it as such. Our concentrates and live rosin-infused cones are created without solvents or harmful chemicals, and we never put profits above our people, our products or our planet.

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