Drew Martin

Drew Martin

Sun-grown cannabis balanced by curated blends of globally inspired botanicals

Leaning into his knowledge of herbalism, a decade of world travel, and a refined palate from his time as an award-winning mixologist, Drew Martin spent a year formulating a new kind of pre-roll. His eponymous line of low-dose botanically blended pre-rolls features sun-grown cannabis balanced by curated blends of globally-inspired botanicals.

We start with an uplifting sativa-hybrid cannabis sun-grown at an independent female-owned farm in Mendocino County. Then we source unique flavors and aromas from around the world, adding all-natural botanicals to create the most beautiful pre-rolls you’ll ever taste.

Sharing a joint with friends, strangers, or yourself is a beautiful ritual. We believe that you should be able to take the time to enjoy the experience without feeling overwhelmed, or getting too high, too fast. Combining cannabis with botanicals keeps the potency down and allows you to enjoy your experience just how you like. A new take on an old social ritual, they’re low dose to keep you grounded, engaged, and immersed in the moment. Our pre-rolls all fall between 7-10% THC and 1-2% CBD-- the perfect mix to let loose of the day’s anxiety and connect.

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