Eel River Organics brings sustainability to a new level with the first dry farmed cannabis.

Located in Humboldt County, our farm is surrounded by the nourishing Eel River and Avenue of the Giants.  Along with other organic fruits and vegetables, the cannabis plants are tasked with naturally sourcing their own water and nutrients.  Without giving the plants the water they want, they are forced out of their comfort zone to search for water elsewhere.  Eventually the tap roots will find the Eel River groundwater, but they are going to have to work for it!

This ancient dry farmed method of no manual irrigation actually puts our plants into a “good stress” environment of giving them what they need and not what they want.  Like the other fruits and vegetables grown on the farm, our cannabis plants are more concentrated, flavorful and even more potent than irrigated crops.  Our oils are all natural, organic and truly a new experience.

In an age where manufactured has become the norm, Eel River Organics aims to drive the conversation on clean cannabis.  Do you use pesticides?  Are the plants grown with artificial nutrients? Which part of the plant is used to extract your oils?  We want to educate and empower YOU, the patient, to ask the right questions about where your cannabis comes from.  We see it all too often: oils can be riddled with toxins, chemicals and artificial ingredients.  Join us on our #CleanCannabisMovement to help spread the word on healthy, natural and sustainable cannabis!