Strain specific Rick Simpson Oil for a healthy lifestyle.

Emerald Bay Extracts was founded by Casey, a Stanford Oncology and ICU nurse, and her partner, Thomas. Through years of seeing the damaging effects of cancer treatment on patients, Casey wanted to develop products using clean and trusted practices that she saw used in medicine clinical trials and product development. Seeing a need for clean medical products in the California marketplace, Casey and Thomas developed their Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) using pesticide-free, heavy metal-free and microbial-free, triple-tested cannabis plants. Material is hand selected from small batch farms in Mendocino, Humboldt, and the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Material is tested before entering the facility and again a second and third time before reaching the consumer. Testing verifies quality and potency while ensuring there are no heavy metals or pesticides in the material. Emerald Bay Extracts prides itself on its strong relationships with both farmers and consumers.

Emerald Bay Extracts full-spectrum oil is packaged into syringes (for oral consumption) and tablets that allow for very specific and high dosing required by many medical patients. All of our products are strain-specific so patients can find the strains and effects that are most effective for their ailments and needs.