Green Bee Botanicals

Green Bee Botanicals

Clean, whole-plant cannabis skincare for beautiful skin

Former analytical chemist and lifelong botanist Bridget May founded Little Green Bee in 2015, and together we re-launched in 2019 as Green Bee Botanicals after adapting to the new California Prop 64 regulations. We’ve been called both a legacy cannabis brand and a “gateway brand” for customers new to the cannabis plant. 

We believe the body can heal itself with a little help from Mother Nature. Our mission is to make the cleanest, safest, and most effective remedies on the planet using plants and other natural ingredients.  

We’ve been lucky to attract enlightened, kind, conscientious customers who want to learn and understand the medicinal and health benefits of cannabis and other plants. Like us, they also want bright, healthy skin and to feel good.

Because giving back is important to us, we built philanthropy into our business model from day one. We donate both our money and our time to fight social injustice and climate change.

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