Mindset Cannabis

Mindset Cannabis

Targeted effects for every occasion, powered by minor and rare cannabinoids

Mindset was founded by pharmaceutical industry veterans. Our founders were disheartened by some of the practices of Big Pharma and decided to create something more wholesome and beautiful. Our goal is to create consistent and elegant products with predictable effects for every occasion.

Our chocolate Colitas are made with Belgian chocolate and designed to achieve specific effects. Leveraging our expertise in formulations with minor cannabinoids, we are able to bring on specific effects. They really do what they claim to do! If you are looking for an energetic high without the munchies, we've got you covered. Want to chill and do some yoga? No problem. Our products are precisely designed for your mood and your choice of activity.

In a country divided by ideologies, Mindset Cannabis steps out to make our stand. We stand for the good of the people and the good of Mother Earth. We are more alike than different. We share in our love for our family, for our country, for blue sky and green mountains. And from this love, we created Mindset. With hearts of hippies, minds of scientists, and the discerning taste of gourmet chocolatiers, we aim to lift the stigma long associated with Mother Earth’s most loving plant. Peace, Love & Happiness.

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