Ojo De La Sol

Ojo De La Sol

Medicine For The Movement

Ojo De La Sol exists within an ecosystem of the cannabis industry that promotes solidarity and reciprocity to dismantle the systems that uphold extractive economies, extractive farming practices, and extractive relationships often at the exclusion of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. For over ten years Ojo De La Sol has remained loyal to its principles, vision, and values centered in Indigenous knowledge, equity and collective liberation.

The Sol System is comprised of 8 elements:

Land + Water
Play + Movement
Stories + Interconnection
Rituals + Practices
Family + Community
Reciprocity + Solidarity
Love + Justice

These guiding elements help direct all decisions within the company - from business partnerships, to collaborations, farming practices, hiring and messaging. Ojo De La Sol centers partnerships with small, BIPOC family-run businesses from farm to packaging.

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