Designed for a higher function

ReCreate redefines the cannabis experience with advanced formulations that help you function at a higher level.

Our proprietary 7-in-1 formulations combine our full-spectrum extract with the latest technologies for one of the most targeted and advanced experiences on the market. Each product is fast-acting and designed with the outcome in mind—whether that's deeper relaxation, better sleep, creative energy or all-around relief for your body. Our range of wellness products are specially formulated for safe, consistent and repeatable effects that can easily be integrated into your daily wellness routine.

ReCreate Formulations Include:
1. High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract
Full-spectrum extract with higher levels of terpenes and more minor cannabinoids

2. Rapid Nanotech
Nanotechnology for a fast-acting onset and increased bioavailability

3. Botanical Boosters
Added power with scientifically-proven botanicals

4. Minor Cannabinoid
Additional cannabinoids like CBN and CBG for a targeted experience

5. Heightened CBD
Increased levels of CBD for a balanced, well-rounded experience

6. Single Strain
Curated strains for a more targeted state of mind

7. Clean Ingredients
Natural products made from ethically sourced, non-GMO, vegan ingredients

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