Where quality, consistency, and advanced cannabis technologies commune

Rosette Wellness believes in the highest quality from seed to final product. This dedication results in a better tasting, more effective product. We partner with specific cultivators who share our values and quality standards and specialize in organically and sun-grown cannabis. We use only the top shelf flowers from the cannabis plant, not the leftovers or trim, to make our extract oils. This combined with our proprietary organic ethanol extraction process ensures full-plant benefits without the harmful plant fats and waxes which can result from other extraction processes and without breaking the chemical plant bonds.

Harry Rose, founder of Rosette Wellness, used cannabis successfully for serious and life-threatening conditions which caused him to switch career paths into cannabis. Over the years, he has become a highly respected cultivator and extraction expert in Humboldt California. Our products have been developed based on 20+ years of observational data from treating humans and 10+ years treating animals with cannabis.

We will continue our care for all people in need of our safe and consistent nutraceuticals. Our medicines have never held any biases, prejudices, or deflections from our company’s values and that includes diversity and respectful humanity.

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