Sunrise Gardens is a small, off-the-grid farm in the foothills of beautiful Mendocino County.

The sun plays a huge role in our lives. It nourishes our crops, it delivers electricity via solar panels and it warms our hearts and souls. All our cannabis is sun-grown in natural soil without the use of petroleum-derived fertilizers. We produce our own compost and adhere to strict soil management protocols. We plant cover-crops in the winter in order to retain nitrogen in the soil. In the summer we brew compost tea and produce our own fermented fruit juices in order to enrich soil microbials as well as terpene profiles. Pest management is achieved by non-synthetic means such as companion planting, beneficial creatures and the occasional spray of enzymes and natural oils.

All in all, we adhere to strict environmental and health standards in order to produce the purest cannabis while being gentle on the surrounding environment. Every season we hand-pick our cultivars (strains), trying to find the right balance in between heritage strains and new crosses. In addition, we engage in our own small-scale pheno-hunts from seeds produced right here at our small farm. Although the latest round of regulations has struck down hard on small producers like us, we are still around and continuing with the love and passion we have always had for the plant and patients.