The Farmaceuticals Co. is a women owned and operated healing company in Big Sur, CA.

Through their uniquely crafted tinctures, topical products, and edibles they provide access to lab tested, whole plant, organically grown cannabis medicine. They prioritize sourcing each element from local, women-owned farms and businesses. Working with, sourcing from, and being part of a reciprocal, vibrant community of women in cannabis is a priority.

Robin & Chaos have been working in the healing health fields for over 15 years. With backgrounds in social work, community activism, environmental work, and cannabis, they decided instantly to combine forces when they met in 2014 and The Farmaceuticals Co. was born!

Nestled in the redwood forests of the Big Sur Mountains, The Farmaceuticals Co. is surrounded by the ocean mist and the lazy west coast sun. A tranquil, inspiring and sacred environment, perfect for transforming raw cannabis into the special tinctures and balms.

Their CBD cannabis is organically grown. They infuse the finest organic, non-gmo olive-oil with CBD cannabis using a special secret recipe of a certain amount of time, a certain amount of heat, a certain ratio of plant material to oil, and a few other details that are TFC family secrets. The result? Pure, simple, healing*. The way mother nature intended.

The cannabis oil is made through whole-plant extraction – a unique extraction process that keeps all the powerful healing components of the cannabis plant intact. They never use harsh solvents like butane and they don’t use CO2 to extract the CBD. They honor the whole plant and respectfully extract its natural elixirs using age-old herbalist extraction methods.

Each batch of oil is made in small batches, double lab-tested and hand-crafted for quality and consistency.