Fresh, Potent, and Non-Intoxicating: It's THCa's Time to Shine

The cannabis plant is a veritable treasure trove of therapeutic potential. CBD and THC have hogged the spotlight in recent years, but there are over 100 other cannabinoids present in the plant that also boast therapeutic benefits. One of these is THCa or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid

Our cutting-edge online dispensary is filled to the brim with incredible THCa products. Our knowledgeable and passionate staff are happy to provide you with information and suggestions to ensure you find the perfect product for your needs.

What Is THCa? 

THCa is the acidic precursor to THC and is abundant in fresh cannabis. To understand what THCa is a bit better, first we need to understand how cannabinoids operate.

As the cannabis plant grows, it starts to develop terpenes and cannabinoids. The very first cannabinoid the plant develops is cannabigerolic acid or CBGa. It's nicknamed "the mother of all cannabinoids" because it's the compound from which all other cannabinoids are derived. 

As the cannabis plant matures, CBGa breaks down and produces other cannabinoids like CBDa and THCa, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, the acidic precursors to CBD and THC. As a result, THCa offers many of the same benefits as THC, but THCa doesn’t get you high.  However, more research is needed to fully understand the therapeutic potential of THCa and the full spectrum of its benefits.


The most noticeable difference you will feel when you consume THCa vs THC is that THCa will not give you the elevated feeling that THC is known for.

This is because the shape and size of THCa molecule doesn't fit into our CB1 receptors. In order to produce this intoxicating effect, a cannabinoid molecule must fit snugly into the CB1 receptor.

As the cannabis plant dries, the acids are converted through a process called decarboxylation,  the process that occurs when fresh cannabis is exposed to light, heat, and air. It’s through decarboxylation that tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is converted to THC.

This is why consuming raw cannabis doesn’t give you the elevated feeling you may be looking for. Your body can’t convert THCa into THC. So if you’re still wondering does THCa get you high, the answer is no, unless it is converted into THC through smoking or vaporizing.

The Best Way to Take THCa without Converting It to THC 

In order to take advantage of THCa without the effects of THC, THCa can be isolated. A special refinement process removes all impurities to create a potent powder that contains only THCa in its purest form. If heated, this powder will convert to THC and create extremely powerful effects.

If you’re not looking for powerful THC effects, then you have a variety of options for enjoying THCa in its raw form. We carry THCa tinctures, which are easy to dose and discreet, and transdermal patches, which are also discreet and easy to use. In addition, we have an incredible collection of cannabis edibles, including THCa tinctures, for cannabis benefits without the psychoactive effects.

The Benefits of THCa 

What is THCa good for? Like most cannabinoids, there are many benefits and plenty of opportunities for further research.

THCa as an Anti-Inflammatory 

More research is needed to discover the wide range of anti-inflammatory benefits THCa could boast, but at least one study has shown promising signs. Patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs), including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, were shown to reap anti-inflammatory benefits from THCa, along with other cannabinoids and terpenes.

The reason is that THCa works to inhibit the activation of macrophages, which are cells that contribute to inflammation through activation and deactivation of inflammatory processes. In other words, THCa sends a signal to macrophages that are overactive in the inflammation process so they relax and give you some relief. 

THCa for Anti-Nausea

Studies have also shown promising signs for THCa as an anti-nausea medicine, or antiemetic. One study even found that THCa could be a more powerful antiemetic than THC. The study involved inducing nausea in suncus murinus (the Asian house shrew) and showed strong evidence that “THCa may be a more potent alternative to THC in the treatment of nausea and vomiting.”

Antiemetics can provide a great source of comfort for people going through chemotherapy or other treatments and conditions that cause nausea. More research is needed on human subjects, but data so far supports the power of THCa as an anti-nausea medicine.

Research on THCa and Its Potential to Treat Cancer and Reduce Tumors 

THCa may have even more superpowers to be unlocked with further research. One recent study has shown that THCa kills cancer cells in vitro. Oral THCa was also found to be effective in reducing tumor size and weight without causing any discomfort or weight loss. This study was conducted on mice with pancreatic cancer and demonstrated great promise, indicating a need for more research with human subjects. 

Research on THCa and Its Neuroprotective Properties 

THCa could be beneficial to your brain as well as your body. Research suggests that THCa shows potent neuroprotective activity, which could make it enormously beneficial to patients with Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases.

Neurological disorders are extremely complex and have resisted treatment for many years. The promising results from studies on THCa show that more research is needed to prove once and for all that THCa is a safe option for patients with these degenerative diseases.

THCa to Stimulate Appetite 

Cannabis is famous for increasing your appetite. Countless movies and TV shows feature late-night fridge raids and happy snacking sessions after the actor smokes a joint.

Anecdotally, THCa has been said to help increase appetite, too. Increased appetite could really help people who are struggling with appetite problems from nausea or disorders that make eating difficult. Because THCa is non-psychoactive, it could provide an appetite boost without any elevated effects.

More research is needed to determine whether THCa is a safe and healthy choice for people looking to increase their appetite.

Our Favorite THCa Products 

We love to share our extensive selection of products, so not only can you order edibles online, you can find cutting-edge THCa products perfectly tailored to your needs.

Mary’s THCa Transdermal Patch

Transdermal patches are a simple and discreet way to get relief. Mary’s THCa Transdermal Patch has 20mg THCa per patch, takes about 15 to 30 minutes to show effects, and lasts for 8 to 12 hours. It’s easy to cut the patch according to your preferred dosage and store extra for later. We highly recommend it for pain, especially nerve pain.

Rosette THCa Tincture 

Rosette’s THCa tincture is a small but mighty bottle of pure THCa goodness. It’s been found to provide powerful relief from pain and inflammation, in addition to containing neuroprotectant and antispasmodic properties. Each bottle contains 128 servings of about 2mg THCa and .3g THC per dose. The lined dropper makes it easy to dose and titrate until you’ve found the amount that works for you.

Cosmic View Pink Boost Tincture 

For a tincture that uses THCa along with other beneficial cannabinoids, we recommend the Cosmic View Pink Boost Tincture. Each bottle contains 30 1ml doses of about 15mg combined cannabinoids, including THCv, THCva, THCa, and THC. This gorgeous tincture is formulated for an energizing, inspiring elevated experience, grounded by estate-grown companion herbs like rose petals and ashwagandha.

Level Protab+ Recover 

Protab+ Recover high-dose tablets feature combined cannabinoids for powerful relief, with little to no psychoactive effects. Each tablet contains 10mg CBDa, 5mg CBG, 3mg CBC, and 10mg THCa, and they are scored to easily split in half to start with a lower dose. The combined cannabinoids can help relieve pain, anxiety, and inflammation, while increasing overall well-being.

Level THCa Protab Lights Out 

THCa, when combined with other cannabinoids, can help aid a relaxing deep sleep experience. Level’s Protab+ Lights Out tablets are formulated with a potent blend of CBN, CBG, Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC, and THCa for a combined 30mg of cannabinoids per tablet. Perfect for when you need a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Stone Road Infused Pre-Rolls

If you’re looking to take advantage of the potency of pure THC derived from THCa, infused pre-rolls are a phenomenal option. Stone Road’s Sugar Zaddy Diamond Infused Pre-Roll Pack features five .7g joints enhanced with ice water hash and THCa diamonds for added intensity and flavor. Recommended for a creative boost, socializing, or just winding down from a stressful day.


Sundae School Kira Kira Pre-Rolls

Another great pre-roll option are the Eureka Kira Kira Pre-Rolls from Sundae School. Created with a sativa-dominant flower and infused with THCa crystals for added pep and intensity, these pre-rolls make for a sparkly, clean, and energized experience. Each box contains five .5g pre-rolls. Recommended for when you’re looking for a creative burst of energy and inspiration.


Raw Garden THCa Diamonds

For a pure, powerful, and very potent experience, we recommend Lemon Orchard THCa Diamonds. These refined live resin diamonds come in an adaptable formula, perfect for joints, bowls, or dab rigs. These sparkling crystals will definitely take your smoking session to the next level.

Tailored THCa Cannabinoid, Delivered Direct to Your Door 

Whether you’re looking for THCa and THC products, or a combination of cannabinoids, our extensive online dispensary has you covered. We make it incredibly easy to order edibles online, along with your choice of THCa tinctures, transdermal patches, diamonds, and more.

If you’re still not sure where to start, contact our passionate cannabis professionals for advice and to answer your questions. We love talking to you and making sure you find exactly what you’re looking for!