Elevated Cannabis Candy Delivered Directly to Your Door

Our selection of delicious marijuana candy is curated with you in mind. Made only from fresh, California-grown cannabis that is hand-selected to best meet each of your needs. 

Edibles are an excellent alternative way for newbies to experience the relaxing properties of cannabis without the lung-tickling sensation one gets from smoking. 

At Sava, we have a plethora of edibles for sale such as cannabis candies that are as gourmet as a French cafe. 

Curated Cannabis Candy, Customized Experiences

Sava has more than just hard candy edibles. We have gummies, mints, and gourmet chocolate, and even marshmallows! Browse our easy-to-use website to find your next cannabis treat. 

With flavors like lime basil, rose hibiscus, and ginger lemongrass, Sava is taking gourmet edibles for sale to the next level. 

Everything You Need

Whether you’re looking for CBD, THC, or a mix, Sava has the right psychoactivity level for every need. 

For Every Need

Looking for an edible but worried about sugar content? We have low-glycemic, gluten-free, and vegan options for the health-conscious.

When You Need It

Looking to de-stress and chill with some cannabis-infused candy? Or maybe you need a mood lift or burst of creativity. Sava has the best edibles for you, any time of day or night.  

 California Grown

All of our products are hand-selected, many support our mission of empowering BIPOC-owned, women-owned, small-batch, and environmentally friendly brands. 

Cannabis Selection

Our hard candy edibles come in a variety of strains and strengths. We have THC, CBD, and a mix of both.

How You Want to Feel

Want to be a social butterfly at the next party? Or maybe you want a chill night at home. Whatever mood you’re in, Sava has edible weed candy to match it. 

Ready to Order Edibles Online? 

If you’ve ever wondered where to get edibles or how to buy edibles online, Sava makes it easy. Order your edibles online with Sava for professional service, discreet delivery, and quality products. With only three simple steps, you can have edible weed candy delivered straight to your door. 

1. Create your account by clicking at the top right-hand corner. Your information remains secure and private. 

2. Upload your government-issued ID (required) and medical recommendation (not required).

3. Order edibles online from our extensive selection. Not only you’ll find cannabis candy but also chocolates, gummies, mints, drinks, and more. 

All that’s left to do is add a driver tip and coupon code, add a delivery address and instructions, then choose your preferred date and time of delivery and select one of our three payment methods.

Marijuana Candy Ordering & Delivery Made Simple 

We’re taking the stress out of payment. With three convenient options, Sava makes it easy for you to buy edibles online. 


Pay your driver upon delivery. Our drivers carry limited change, so please have the exact amount or close to it.

Bank Transfer

Connect your bank account once through our secure provider, and it will be stored for your future cannabis purchase.


Checks must have a California address and are only accepted for orders under $500. Please make all checks payable to Sava.

The Best of California Hard Candy Edibles Delivered Directly to Your Door, Privacy Guaranteed

After you’ve successfully placed an order with the best edibles dispensary, what can you expect? That with a little bit of patience you’ll soon have just the solution you need to enhance your lifestyle. 


Have your photo ID out upon our arrival.

Good to Know

  • We cover everywhere in the extended Bay area seven days a week. Confirm your location by checking out our dispensary delivery map.

  • Our online dispensary cannot deliver to college campuses, federal government facilities and property (including military bases and national parkland), and PO boxes.

  • Don’t See Your Location? At Sava, we strive to deliver to all corners of the Bay Area. If you don’t see your city listed, please email us at info@getsava.com.

Get free delivery for order over $100!

The Best Cannabis Candy Delivery Service in the Bay Area

At Sava, we want the experience of ordering your edibles to be as dope as the effects and are here to support you through any phase of your cannabis journey.

Recommend Like A Friend

We want your cannabis experience to be customized to fit you perfectly. That’s why we provide recommendations based on your ideal mood, experience, or psychoactivity level desired. 


Closing the equality gap in the cannabis industry is important to us. Our team is founded and led by women, and we’re proud that 50% of the brands we carry are female-owned.

Committed to Equality

We are committed to doing our part in ending systemic racism and inequality. We donate to groups such as “We Got the Vote,” “TGI Justice Project,” and “The Bail Project” in addition to stocking 20% BIPOC owned brands.

Unmatched Experience

We have dedicated our lives to making small-batch and inclusive independent California-grown brands accessible to all and bringing them straight to your door. 


We want to work with the Earth, not destroy it. We actively seek out brands that grow and package cannabis with the highest environmental and climate standards.

Cannabis for Everyone

The stereotype of the “typical” cannabis consumer is going up in smoke. We provide products for seniors and veterans, moms and athletes and everyone in between. Everyone should be able to enjoy cannabis the way that works best for them.

Cannabis Candy Delivery FAQ: What to Know

Can first-time cannabis consumers eat marijuana candy?

Yes, but remember the old adage: start low and go slow. Start with a low dose (1mg-2.5mg) and eat just one or two at a time. Edibles are different than flower in that it can take up to 90 minutes for you to notice the effects. Many first-time users think that “it’s not working” and eat another edible...then another...and another… then when the effects hit, it can be overwhelming. 

How to dose and consume hard candy edibles?

A little goes a long way. If you’re completely new or looking to microdose, start with 1mg-2.5mg of THC. 2.5-15mg are good for the more experienced but casual recreational user. Finally, a 30mg-50mg dose is for people whose GI systems don’t absorb cannabinoids well or advanced consumers. Each of our products labels the dosage, so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

How long does cannabis candy take to kick in?

You’ll start to feel the effects around 30-90 minutes after consuming the edible. It depends on each individual person’s weight, metabolism, diet, and tolerance. 

How long will I feel the effects of cannabis candy?

Edibles typically last a lot longer than smoking, usually around 4-6 hours. The “peak” of the effects occurs around three to four hours. 

Should I eat before or after consuming cannabis candy? 

It’s safe to eat edibles either with a full or empty stomach. If you consume edibles on an empty stomach though, the effects will typically hit harder and be more intense. That’s why newbies may want to consume something beforehand. 

When will my cannabis candy delivery arrive? 

Your delivery will arrive in the 2-hour timeframe you choose at checkout. 

Do I need a medical cannabis card to make a purchase?

No, you do not need one if over 21 years old. If you are under 21, then yes, a medical card is required. 

Can Sava deliver cannabis edibles near me?

Yes! We service the greater Bay Area. If you’re still not sure, please view our cannabis delivery map or email us at info@getsava.com if you’d like service in your area.

Talk to Our Cannabis Connoisseur for a Personalized Recommendation

Are you new to edibles? Would you like someone to guide you through dosages, explain THC versus CBD, or provide a personalized recommendation? We’re all about making your cannabis experience as beneficial as possible.

Call 415-993-9973 during our hours of operation: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM PST

If you want to get in touch outside our business hours, send an email to info@getsava.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

There are no funny questions! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns or comments you may have. 

Talk to a real human

Our team is just an email or phone call away.

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