4:1 CBD Drops (15ml)
4:1 CBD Drops (15ml)

4:1 CBD Drops (15ml)

4:1 drops are good for daytime or nighttime use with mild psychoactive effects. Fast-acting CBD relief in easy-to-use drops.

4:1 CBD Drops (15ml)
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A fan favorite, our 4:1 ratio is packed with CBD, minor cannabinoids like THCa and CBDa, terpenes, and a moderate amount of THC for that extra bit of comfort when you need it most. The 4:1 ratio is a great option for soothing your body post-workout, for whole body recovery, or when you need to wind down after a busy day. We’ve designed the 4:1 to be used as a strong daytime or nighttime ratio. It is great for experienced cannabis users with some tolerance for THC with a little psychoactivity. Pro-tip: take a dose once in the morning and once before bed.

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Intro Text High-CBD tincture for everyday use

Coconut oil, cannabis oil


Total cannabinoids per 15ml bottle: 375mg
Total CBD: 240mg
Total CBDa: 60mg
Total THC: 60mg
Total THCa: 15mg

Total cannabinoids per 1ml: 25.3mg
CBD: 6mg
CBDa: 4mg
THC: 4mg
THCa: 1mg

Helps With Pain, Stress
Cannabinoids THC, CBD
Region Sonoma County
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