Sava Reviews Policy

Reviews are approved by the Sava team before they are posted to ensure that they meet our guidelines (see below).

To leave a review:

  1. Go to the page of the product you want to review.
  2. Scroll down to the "Details" section and select the "Reviews" tab
  3. Leave your review!

Be logged in

To leave a review you must be logged in to your account and have purchased the product you are reviewing. Your personal information will not be shared or visible.

Keep It Kind

Keep reviews—both positive and negative—constructive and kind. Remember, someone made that product and might read it. The cannabis industry is hard to work in, and most product makers pour their heart and soul into their brands.

Keep it clean

While we encourage you to share your honest, authentic experience, reviews should remain focused on the product in question—abusive, foul, or inappropriate language will not be posted, nor will reviews that are not about your direct experience with the product.

Keep it legal

The cannabis industry has many rules and regulations. Reviews mentioning illegal activity—such as crossing state lines with cannabis, consuming on federal land, reselling, etc—will not be posted.