Cannabis and Coffee: A Perfect Match

Somatik starts each batch of cannabis infused coffee with freshly roasted beans from Ritual Coffee Roasters. They invited SAVA down to the roasting facility to taste fresh beans and learn about what makes cannabis and coffee a perfect match!

When we founded Somatik, we were looking for a way to help people more easily integrate cannabis into their daily routines. We believe that cannabis helps you find a balance between your mind and body. In fact that’s what lead to our name, Somatik.

So we started by looking at which habits people already have and immediately thought of coffee. It has so many rich parallels to cannabis from the way that the plant is grown, how the terroir affects the taste, effects and subtle flavor notes, how you educate people on the intricacies, and the many different ways that people consume it.

An important part of integrating cannabis into your life is finding a ritual that works for you and makes it enjoyable. So we sought to create something with our friends at Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco that would be accessible, promote mental wellness, and first and foremost, be delicious coffee.

Every bottle of Somatik coffee starts with a small-batch roast of single origin beans, and double-distilled, Humboldt county cannabis. Our coffee goes beyond high quality, ethically- sourced ingredients. There’s also a special synergy between cannabis and caffeine that helps increase the bioavailability and gives you a euphoric buzz unlike any other.

We invited Andrea, the founder of Sava, down to Ritual’s SOMA roasting headquarters to learn more about the coffee we use in our organic, single origin cold brew, and why Ritual Coffee is such an amazing partner.

At the Roastery, we were able to participate in a “cupping,” which helps the coffee buyers and roasters to detect subtle changes from batch to batch and hone in on only the top quality beans.

Andrea was able to see a batch roasted by hand and learn about some of the flavor notes that we fell in love with when designing our product. For us, cannabis has a wide range of amazing impacts on health, and we knew if we started with a simple, organic, vegan option that people would delight in sipping, we’d be helping to demystify, and normalize these amazing plants while giving people the perfect way to enjoy two buzzes in just one cup.


Happy sipping!

Somatik Founders, Chris & Clayton