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Customize Your Cannabis Experience with Level Tabs

Cannabis is a journey of discovery between a person and the bountiful health potential of the plant. This journey should be enjoyable, safe, educational, and empowering. In order to facilitate this journey, Level has created a toolkit that allows an individual to customize their experience. The newest product class in this toolkit is the Level Tablingual™.


Custom cannabis experiences are possible due to the fact that everyone has a slightly different EndoCannabinoid System or ECS. The ECS is responsible for how cannabis functions within the human body. Everybody has slightly different physiology, leading to subtle differences in a person’s ECS, ultimately resulting in everyone having a slightly different experience with cannabis.


The Tablingual is a designed microdose delivery system which delivers a fast acting, standardized dose that is both effective and easily titratable. Single cannabinoid formulations, such as THCA, CBD, CBG, delta-8 THC, are the basis of the Tablingual approach.  Customization occurs by mixing-and-matching different Tablingual formulations. Through this method of mix-and-match, it is possible to access cannabinoid formulas and ratios that are not available through the plant alone. Through these unique cannabinoid combinations the user can dial in their custom experience.

Cannabinoids contained in a Tablingual are delivered through mucous membranes in the mouth and enter the system quickly. Consequently, they do not undergo metabolism in the same manner as edibles do. This creates a delivery mechanism that enables the application of microdose quantities of cannabinoids that are fast acting, standardized, and reliably consistent.  cannabinoids when administered sublingually, a smaller quantity of cannabis can be used without sacrificing overall efficacy. With typical onset times of 1 to 5 minutes and effect duration of 1-2 hours, Tablingual products are ideal for customizable experiences.


The Tablingual is not an edible, therefore it is not intended to be swallowed. It is designed to completely dissolve in the mouth within 60 seconds. Microdosed, fast acting, standardized formulations that are infinitely customizable. Although any given Tablingual formulation may be very effective, to realize their full potential they should be mixed-and-matched in order to find your own custom formulation.