Mountain View’s Top 10 Favorite Cannabis Products

Mountain View may sound like a quaint, sleepy little town to outsiders. But we all know that this bustling ‘burb has been home to world-changing innovation for decades, which is why it deserves an online cannabis dispensary that can keep up.

Sava is proud to be the go-to Mountain View dispensary for cannabis consumers who are looking for an informed, curated, and premium experience with the best that California has to offer. 

You are busy changing the world, so we’ve made cannabis delivery in the Bay Area easier than ever before. Our streamlined and easy Mountain View cannabis delivery brings a wide selection of thoroughly vetted, rigorously tested, cutting-edge products right to your door.

Mountain View Cannabis Delivery Favorites: See What Products Made the Cut

To help our valuable Mountain View dispensary customers save time browsing through every single product that we have to offer, we’ve pulled together the top 10 most popular products. 

As the best dispensary around, Sava has you covered, whether you’re looking to unwind, focus, socialize, or just optimize your everyday life. All you have to do is order online and let our marijuana delivery in Mountain View come directly to you.

Sleep in the Clouds with a Fast-Acting Cloudberry Gummies

It can be hard to relax with all those late-night thoughts running through your mind as you try to fall asleep. But if you want a high-functioning lifestyle, sleep is absolutely vital. 

PLUS Sleep Cloudberry Gummies are dreamy bite-sized treats that help you fall asleep and wake up rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated. The blend of 1mg CBD, 1mg CBN, and 5mg THC per gummy is specifically formulated to soothe your body via your natural endocannabinoid system and promote a natural circadian rhythm.

Enter a Blissful State of Mind with Sour Watermelon Indica Gummies

We’re proud that our marijuana dispensary in Mountain View offers you multiple roads toward a blissful body and mind experience. Valhalla’s Sour Watermelon Indica Gummies are another delicious gummy that is carefully formulated for noticeable relaxation and mood elevation without feeling sluggish.

Valhalla is dedicated to sourcing the highest-quality ingredients, featuring local, sun-grown cannabis. The final products are then rigorously tested for a consistent and safe healing experience. 

Boost Your Mood with Cannabis-Infused Botanical Mints

If you’re looking to uplift your day, our marijuana dispensary in Mountain View highly recommends Kikoko’s Boost Cannabis-Infused Botanical Mints. Each mint contains 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg THCV, a lesser-known cannabinoid that boosts clarity and energy. 

One mint will give you a fully functioning feeling of delight, and two will give you a motivating boost. The low dosage makes it easy to find your own personal sweet spot, and the delicious coconut-yuzu flavor combination will make you smile the moment you taste it.

Uplift Your Creativity with Cloud Buster Microdose Kin Slips

As the Bay Area’s best dispensary, we’re proud to support makers who are helping to innovate cannabis consumption technology. Kin Slips Cloud Buster Microdose sublingual strips are the perfect example of forward-thinking cannabis science made real.

Kin Slips is a cannabis company dedicated to developing efficient products and inspiring trust in the science behind cannabis. Their sublingual strips are a revolutionary contribution to cannabis culture. 

Each strip has 5mg THC from a proprietary blend of uplifting cannabinoids and terpenes common to sativas. They are portable, discreet, and easy to slip under your tongue for a quick, precisely dosed boost.

Enjoy a Laid-Back Weekend Vibe with Wild Berry Camino Gummies

Kiva Confections are renowned for their high-quality edible cannabis products. One of Mountain View residents’ Kiva favorites are their Wild Berry Camino Gummies. Infused with relaxing indica terpenes, these gummies contain 5mg THC and feature notes of blackberries and raspberries for a delicious and relaxing bite-sized treat. 

Recommended for nature walks, art projects, or just relaxing with friends, we absolutely love these gummies!

Stimulate Your Mind with Sativa Protabs 

As a top Mountain View dispensary, Sava also offers a medley of high-dose options. One of our most popular high-dose products is LEVEL Sativa Protabs. Each tablet is small but mighty, with 25mg THC for a stimulating cerebral experience. They will give you a consistent boost of energy, creativity, and focused productivity.

LEVEL is another science-driven company that produces cannabis products of the highest quality with the highest level of testing. To make cannabis consumption accessible to all, they make their products vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and calorie-free.

Ease Your Mind, Body, and Soul with Rosette THC Tincture

After a long day at work, you know you need to sleep and regenerate yourself. But sometimes your mind doesn’t want to cooperate.

That’s where Rosette’s THC Tincture comes in. Each dropper contains 11mg THC for a potent dose designed to treat everything from appetite stimulation to insomnia.

This tincture is made with Rosette’s proprietary Royal Treat strain, much beloved for its high level of terpenes and renowned soothing effects. 

Relieve Body Aches with THC Comfort Plus Body Butter

Treat your body to the luxury of comfort. Whether you’re stiff and achy from sitting all day, exhausted from a vigorous workout, or seeking relief from inflammation, Sweet Releaf Comfort Plus Body Butter will help you feel comfortable in your own skin again.

The potent 14:1 THC to CBD ratio makes for quick-acting relief that can last for hours or even days without any psychoactive effects. Simply apply the luxurious butter to any problem areas and feel the cannabis healing power in just about five minutes.

Feel a Magical Tropical Twist with Valhalla CBD Gummies

If you’d like to enjoy a full-body, relaxing experience while maintaining a clear mind, our Mountain View customers’ go-to treat is the Tropical Twist CBD gummies, also from Valhalla.

Each gummy has 10mg of CBD and 5mg of THC that provides relief from discomfort with a slight mental boost. These gummies are wonderful for beginners who are learning how cannabis affects them and for experienced users who want to add top-quality CBD to their healthy lifestyle.

Valhalla takes the quality of their products seriously and their CBD is no exception. It’s indoor grown, carefully harvested and formulated for precise, consistent dosing.

Live Every Hour Like It's Happy Hour with Artet Cannabis Aperitif

Next time you’re looking for a tasty beverage, skip the liquor store and try an alternative drink from our Mountain View marijuana delivery service instead! For a cocktail that won’t leave you groggy in the morning, our Mountain View customers absolutely adore Artet Cannabis Aperitif.

It’s a delicious, complex, and balanced botanical blend that contains an easy dose of 2.5mg THC per serving, easily measured by the stainless steel shot glass that comes with every bottle.

Cannabis drinks are delicious alternatives to alcohol, and we especially love this aperitif for its versatility. Tasty and invigorating on the rocks or intriguing and beguiling in a mixed drink—this cannabis beverage is an all-around excellent time.

The relatively low dose and easy titration make for a perfectly relaxed and social evening. 

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Sava’s marijuana dispensary in Mountain View is designed to streamline the process of getting California's best dispensary products delivered to your door. As the best Mountain View cannabis delivery service, we’re proud of our high-quality products, wide selection of curated cannabis goods, and knowledgeable experts who are ready to guide you on your ideal cannabis journey.

We believe that cannabis culture should be an inclusive space. We are a queer-, Latinx-, women-owned Bay Area dispensary that partners with other women-, BIPOC- and queer-owned cannabis brands. We want everyone to feel welcome and empowered to discover how cannabis can be an integral part of a healthy, elevated lifestyle.

For that reason, education is one of our guiding values. As Mountain View’s best dispensary, we are always growing and evolving so that we can use our knowledge to help as many customers as possible. 

We would be honored to help you find the ideal cannabis product for your lifestyle. Looking for a boost of energy, focus, vitality, or euphoria? We’ve got you covered. A good night’s sleep? It’s not out of reach, once you know the best relaxing cannabis for your body.

You can access quick, discreet delivery today and enjoy the best Mountain View dispensary product in a matter of hours. If you have any questions about our marijuana delivery in Mountain View, such as where to start, where to go next, or how cannabis can help you, we’re here for you. Give us a call or email us to see how we can start this journey together.