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Tailored Cannabis Delivered to Your Door in Mountain View

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Browse from our hand-picked selection of high-quality cannabis products, made from fresh California-grown flower.

Sava’s Mountain View cannabis delivery service provides a curated selection of cannabis catered to the effects you prefer. We believe that quality shouldn’t come at the expense of convenience, so we give you the best of both worlds. Discover why thousands of happy customers prefer our curated selection of independent, small-batch brands and choose Sava as their go-to Bay Area dispensary.

Cannabis Tailored for Your Every Need

Welcome to the best dispensary for cannabis delivery in the Bay Area! We have a diverse assortment of products selected for their ability to address important needs in everyday life. Variety without intention can be overwhelming but we make it easy to dial in just on the best group of products for the effect you want.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Our Mountain View marijuana delivery service provides a tailored cannabis experience suitable for connoisseurs and newbies alike! Our menu makes it incredibly easy to find the right product and the right dose and once you experience the catered effects, you’ll never want to shop for cannabis any other way.

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Everything You Need

Whether you want to smoke it, vape it, eat it, drink it, or rub it on, we’ve got you covered.


For Any Reason

Soothe your sore muscles, get a good night’s rest, laugh out loud with your friends, or for no reason at all! You don’t need an excuse to find your happy place.


ANy Day of the Week

We have cannabis curated for your 24/7 cannabis bliss. Shop and schedule a delivery in advance on our website.


CAlifornia Values

We are proud of our Californian roots. 20% of the brands we carry are BIPOC-owned, and 50% of our brands are owned by women.


Cannabis Selection

We have a wide selection of strains and blends available for sale: sativa, indica, CBD, and all hybrids of all kinds.


Feel the way you want

Our service is geared toward helping you discover the life-changing benefits of cannabis. Learn how it can help you feel better, heal better, look better, and stay healthier.


How to Order Edibles Online From a Mountain View Dispensary

Looking for an online dispensary you can count on? In addition to the curated product selection, Sava’s Bay Area dispensary provides quick, secure, and discreet service for convenient delivery throughout Mountain View. Follow these steps to place your order and get your cannabis in no time.

You should have the remaining steps figured out but if not, we would love to help with that too! Call anytime at 415-993-9973 to speak to a Cannabis Connoisseur and get assistance for any part of your cannabis journey.

Create your account by clicking the icon at the top right-hand corner.

Upload your government-issued ID (required) and your medical recommendation (not required).

Shop 'til you drop and buy cannabis online for all your needs!

Once you’ve gathered all your goodies together, you can confirm your order and checkout. Simply review your cart, add a coupon code and a tip, enter the delivery address and delivery instructions, choose the delivery time, and select your payment method.

How to Pay for Your Mountain View Marijuana Delivery

To make the buying process as easy as possible, we offer three convenient payment options to choose from.


Please pay the driver upon arrival. Our drivers carry a limited amount of cash, we greatly appreciate it if you pay with exact change or close to it.



Bank Transfer

You can pay online through our secure provider. Simply add your bank details once, and it will be stored as a payment method for future visits.



Please make checks payable to Sava. We only accept local California addresses for orders under $500.

Marijuana Delivery in Mountain View, Privacy Guaranteed

After you have successfully placed an order, there’s only one thing left to do. Take it easy and wait for your goods to arrive. Don’t forget to have your ID ready to show the driver to complete the transaction.

Remember: Have your photo ID out upon our arrival.

Good to Know

  • Our delivery service covers the extended Bay Area 7 days a week. Take a look at the Mountain View dispensary delivery map for a detailed list of all the areas we cover.
  • We cannot deliver to college campuses, federal government facilities or property (military bases, parkland, etc.), or PO boxes.
  • Can’t find your location on the map? If you are in the Bay Area and you don’t see your city on our coverage map, please let us know at

Tip: Orders of $100 or more get free delivery!

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The Best Marijuana Dispensary in Mountain View

It’s our mission to share the very best that cannabis has to offer with the world while improving opportunity in local communities, which is why we stock the highest quality products from small, independent, and diverse California brands.

Our hand-picked selection is filled with items that can help you discover the life-changing benefits of cannabis with access to the perfect product for your needs.

We are always here to help and are happy to answer any of your questions. Our knowledgeable team members are available for individual customer support if you’d like some guidance or expert recommendations.

Mountain View Cannabis Delivery: Women-Led, Conscientious, and Inclusive

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Friendly recommendation

We take our reputation as the best dispensary in Mountain View seriously. That’s why we never stock anything that we wouldn’t try personally or share with the people we care about. We only partner with morally and ethically responsible brands.

Women founders of Sava


We are excited to be part of a generation of business owners working for a better future. We actively foster gender inclusivity to balance power dynamics and inspire young women to reach for their goals.

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We Stand For Change

The battle for racial justice has come a long way, but there is much more work to be done. We are committed to our role in the effort to end systemic racism and inequality in the cannabis industry as well as society.

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Experience That Counts

Since 2015, we’ve been working hard to be your first choice for cannabis delivery in the Bay Area. We have refined the process of trying, buying, and enjoying the best cannabis has to offer down to a dank and sticky science.

Sava package of products from environmentally conscious brands

Environmentally friendly

We love being green, and we are on a quest to protect the environment. We actively look for eco-friendly brands that take measures to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible.

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CannabiS for Everyone!

It’s our mission to make cannabis available to everyone. We offer special discounts for seniors, active military, veterans, and those on SSI.


Is cannabis delivery legal?

Yes! In fact, California is one of 14 states where it’s 100% legal to deliver cannabis.

When will my cannabis delivery arrive?

Your delivery will arrive within 2 hours from the time your order went through. You will receive a text message from the driver with a more precise ETA when they are on the way to meet you. 

Do I need a medical cannabis card to make a purchase?

You do not need a medical card if you are over 21. Since January of 2018, it’s been legal for adults over the age of 21 to purchase cannabis in California. If you are from the ages of 18-21 you will need to obtain a card to place an order.

How does cannabis delivery work?

You can place an order in 3 steps. Sign up, verify your ID, and go shopping.

How do I pay for cannabis delivery?

You can pay by cash, online bank transfer, or check. We only accept local checks (California address) for orders under $500.

Can Sava deliver edibles near me?

If you are searching for an online dispensary in the Bay Area, chances are that we can help. We deliver to the extended Bay Area 7 days a week. See the Mountain View Dispensary delivery map, for a full list of cities we serve.