Guest written by Amanda Denz, Sava co-founder.

I love the mountains - the fresh air, the feeling of accomplishing challenging physical activities, the carefree laughs that come after a day spent moving around outdoors. 

But this time of year - the beginning of ski season - also brings with it muscle soreness not felt at any other time. That feeling of stiffness at the end of the day that feels unshakable. 

Luckily, I've found a cannabis routine that helps ease sore muscles even better than a beer and a hot tub - CBD, an Epsom salt bath, and a rub down in topicals is my post-ski go-to. 

Check out my favorite products here, and get out there and enjoy!  

Post ski tea time

I bring a thermos of Kikoko’s Sympa-Tea with me in my car and as soon as the ski boots come off, I start drinking it. It’s a high dose of CBD, and really helps limit the post skiing stiffness that can otherwise come on.

Can of caffeine free low THC Sympa Tea

Don't have tea? Take a tincture.

A big dose of CBD right when you finish skiing is key. Humboldt Apothecary’s Sweet Jane 20:1 Tincture also works wonders! For athletes who “Advil up” before skiing because of an injury or other pains, taking this instead ahead of going out also works.

Sweet Jane mint flavored 30ml bottle

Get a soak in!

Yes, hot tubs are amazing. But I’ll take a bath where I can pour in the Epsom salt and cannabis instead any day. Soaking in Om Edibles Mineral Salts (I also add a generous additional amount of plain Epsom salts) will make you much less stiff and sore the next day. Or, if you wake up stiff, roll right into that tub. This won’t make you high.

OM Athletic epsom salts 6.5oz pouch

It's all about the topicals

This will become your new favorite thing, trust me. Apply a body oil liberally in the evening. You’ll sleep so much better, and wake up way less sore. For a whole body workout like skiing, any body oil that is easy to spread over a large area works well, it really depends on what kind of scent you like. I love Humble Flower Co’s Ylang YlangOm Edibles Lavender (they also have unscented), or Papa and Barkely’s Minty Releaf oil.

Humble Flower Ylang Ylang and Lavender 50ml bottle

Have a smaller area that really needs love?

Balms containing CBD are a bit pricier, but they penetrate deeper into your skin. A body oil is great for muscle soreness and covering your whole legs or back, but if you have an injury or an area needing some extra special attention and pain relief try Cosmic View’s Deep Down Athletic Balm or The Farmaceuticals Co CBD Balm.

Comic View Deep Down doctor formulated 2oz jar