Beautifully crafted and designed products that are rooted in science and made with intention.

Cosmic View was born in 2017 after Nicole suffered a devastating endometrial cancer diagnosis and Dr. Christine Skibola fell into a rabbit hole of holistic health research, which she incorporated into her 20+ year career as a professor, cancer researcher with world renown institutions such as UC Berkeley, the National Cancer Institute and the World Health Organization. As a result, each and every product is science-based, following peer reviewed journal articles of the efficacy of the herbs, oils and cannabinoids’ synergistic effects.

Our cannabis is sourced from a small family farm in Trinity County devoted to regenerative farming practices and a firm commitment to keeping the craft cannabis movement alive. Working closely with our extractors, we use methods including rosin pressing and modified supercritical CO2 extractions that minimize terpene and valuable phytonutrient loss during the cannabis extraction process. These less processed concentrates retain more of the natural polyphenols and chlorophyll from the plant that have antioxidant, anti-cancer and other health promoting benefits.

All Cosmic View products are made with award winning Sonoma County Tuscan blend cold pressed California extra virgin olive oil, inspired by our family’s own olive orchard and private olive oil label based in Marin County.

And what’s in the name? We are inspired by Carl Sagan and his eloquent writing on the “pale blue dot.” A cosmic view of the world is a reminder of how small, yet how connected we are to mother earth and the natural gifts she offers. Cosmic View medicine is the elegant waltz of science and art, reason and bodily intuition. We welcome you to our cosmic family.