Tailored Cannabis Edibles Delivered Direct to Your Door

Our edibles selection is curated with you in mind. Made from fresh, California-grown cannabis that is hand-selected to meet your every need.

We only bring you the finest quality California-grown cannabis. On our shelves include a highly-curated line of small-batch and independently owned edible brands. What better way to stock up on delicious elevated treats than to simply order edibles online?

Shop from our wide variety of cannabis gummies, chocolates and THC drinks to find the perfect balance for your next edibles experience.

Edibles Catered to Your Every Need

Cannabis is a plant with dozens of benefits that can help you live a more fulfilling and blissful life. With our tailored selection, you’re sure to find something to bring the effects you’re looking to achieve without overdoing it.

Sava is where to get your edibles when you’re looking for a customized experience to match the mood and the intensity that works best for you.



You name it, we have it. From vegan to gluten-free to gummies, drinks, chocolate, and tea, we’re here to fulfill your every cannabis dream and tasty fantasy.



Choose how much you want to feel your cannabis gummies. We have cannabis that ranges from non-psychoactive all the way to high psychoactivity.



Why not enjoy cannabis at any time of day? Our edibles will have you feeling good from morning till night. Place your order before 11:00 AM and we’ll deliver it to you on the same day.



We love California cannabis. Everything you see, taste, and smell is sourced exclusively from California brands that are BIPOC-owned, small craft, single-origin, women-owned, or all of the above.



We want to give you all the options to get exactly the experience you prefer.

Choose from sativa, indica, sativa-dominant hybrid, indica-dominant hybrid, balanced hybrid, or CBD.



Need more bliss in your life? We got you.

Our cannabis gummies can take you exactly to where you want to be and leave you feeling energetic, stress-free, relaxed, social, and even romantic depending on how you prefer to feel.


How to Buy Delicious Cannabis Edibles Online

With our busy schedules and always being on the go-go-go, Sava makes cannabis accessible to all and easy to buy edibles online so you can always find your relief.

1. Create your account by clicking the icon at the top right-hand corner.

2. Upload your government-issued ID (required) and your medical recommendation (not required).

3. Shop ’til you drop and order all the edibles online you need to bring more bliss into your life.



Simply review your cart, add a driver tip or coupon code, enter a delivery address, add any delivery instructions, choose the date and time you’d like to receive your edibles delivery.

Lastly, select one of our three payment methods—cash, bank transfer, or check.

How to Pay for Your Online Edibles Dispensary Order

Paying for your edibles is as easy as 1-2-3. We make buying edibles online as simple and accessible as possible with three options to fit your payment preferences.


Pay the driver when you receive your delivery.

Our delivery drivers carry limited change, so exact change (or close to it) is greatly appreciated.


We process your payment with a secure provider.

The best part, you only have to connect your account once and then it is stored as a payment method for future edible hauls!



If you plan on paying with a check, please make all checks payable to Sava.

We only accept local checks (California address) for orders under $500.

Edibles Delivered Directly to Your Door, Privacy Guaranteed

While you patiently await your edibles delivery, we’ll be packing your order with bliss and love, hopping into our canna-mobile, and delivering your goodies at the specified time.

Remember: Have your photo ID out upon our arrival.


  • We cover everywhere in the extended Bay area seven days a week. See our online edibles for a more detailed breakdown.

  • We cannot deliver to college campuses, federal government facilities or property (including military bases or national parkland), or P.O. boxes.

  • Get free edibles delivery for order over $100!

The Best Edibles Delivery and Dispensary Service in California

You deserve the best California-grown cannabis in your life and we’re here to make sure you never have to go without. Our team of cannabis experts is only a call away if you need any help selecting the perfect cannabis for your needs.

  • Top-shelf edibles curated for whatever life throws your way to help relieve anxiety, ease pain, and bring restfulness on sleepless nights

  • Edibles that have been hand-selected with the intention of giving you just the boost of bliss or relief you are looking for and nothing more.

  • 1-on-1 customer support so that you can talk to our cannabis connoisseur and get answers to all your cannabis questions.

Delivering Edibles for a Healthier (& Yummier) Cannabis Consumption


We recommend our edibles for sale as a friend.

Say goodbye to sketchy edibles where you have no idea how you’ll feel in 45 minutes, and say hello to THC gummies, drinks, chocolates, and teas you can trust.


We take pride in being a cannabis business founded and led by women by putting our business where our mouth is.

50% of all the brands we carry are women-owned, and we plan to keep it that way.


We do not tolerate systemic racism. We fight for equality in everything we do, and for that, we dedicate 20% of our brands to those that are BIPOC-owned.

View our commitments here.



We’ve dedicated ourselves to our cannabis craft since 2015.

We wake up each day to elevate the cannabis experience for all—from buying to trying to enjoying and benefiting every aspect this plant has to offer.


The earth blessed us with this glorious, green plant, and we strive to make the earth (and Sava) even more green by seeking out brands that grow, process, and package cannabis according to the highest environmental and climate standards.


No one should feel left out when it comes to quality cannabis.

We offer reduced pricing for seniors, active military and veterans, and those who are on Social Security disability.

Cannabis FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Edibles Delivery

Is edible delivery legal?

It sure is! California is 1 of 14 states where you can buy edibles online and get them delivered straight to your doorstep.

When will my edible delivery arrive?

When you buy edibles online from us, you will be asked to choose a 2-hour timeframe of when you’d like your delivery to arrive.

You MUST be present in order to receive your delivery. Don’t worry though, we’ll send you a text with an ETA when your driver is headed your way, and you’ll receive another text shortly before they arrive.

Do I need a medical cannabis card to make a purchase?

If you are over the age of 21, you do not need a medical cannabis card to order edibles online. However, for those 18-20 years old, a medical recommendation is required.

How does edibles delivery work?

Wondering how to buy edibles online and get them delivered straight to your doorstep at the click of a button?

Simply add all of your cannabis cravings to your shopping cart, decide how you’d like to pay, and then schedule your delivery by choosing one of our 2-hour time blocks.

Your driver will then deliver it straight to you—no questions asked. All you will need is your ID for verification purposes.

How do I pay for my edibles delivery?

We have 3 different payment options upon which you’ll choose at checkout—cash, check, or bank transfer. If you are paying with cash or a check, your driver will collect it at delivery.

If paying with cash, please have exact change (or close to it), as our drivers carry very limited cash.

Can Sava deliver edibles near me?

Wondering where to get edibles like THC gummies, chocolate, or drinks? Sava has your back.
We deliver edibles throughout the extended Bay Area. So if you live in San Francisco, there’s a high chance we can deliver edibles directly to you.

Talk to Our Cannabis Connoisseurs for the Best Edibles Experience

We hate those automated voice messaging machines, too. That’s why when you call, you’ll get a real cannabis connoisseur on the other end of the line.

Whether you have cannabis questions or you’re wondering what strain or product fits your needs best, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 415-993-9973 or shoot us an email at info@getsava.com. We’re open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

Talk to a real human

Our team is just an email or phone call away.

Email info@getsava.com for the fastest response, or call 415-993-9973 (9am to 5pm, Mon to Sat).