2:1 Drops
2:1 Drops

Fast-acting CBD relief in easy-to-use drops with mild psychoactive effects. Good for daytime or nighttime use.

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Meet the 2:1 ratio. Popular for its full-spectrum dose of CBD, THC, minor cannabinoids like THCa and CBDa, and terpenes. The robust levels of THC in this product make it ideal for evening use. It’s a favorite for promoting relaxation and supporting a restful night’s sleep. The 2:1 ratio is for people with some experience with THC, as you may feel some psychoactive effects. The 2:1 ratio is great for experienced cannabis users seeking powerful daytime or nighttime comfort, and want a calm feeling with less psychoactivity. If you are a more experienced cannabis user, then this ratio is for you!

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Intro Text High-CBD tincture for sleep and relaxation.

Cannabis oil, coconut oil


Total cannabinoids per 30ml bottle: 900mg Total CBD: 480mg Total CBDa: 120mg Total THC: 240mg Total THCa: 60mg

Total cannabinoids per 1ml: 25.3mg CBD: 216mg CBDa: 4mg THC: 8mg THCa: 2mg

Exact dosing may vary from batch to batch.

Helps With Energy, Mood, Pain
Cannabinoids THC, CBD
Region Sonoma County
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