Joint Rolling Set
Joint Rolling Set

Joint Rolling Set

Includes our Soho joint holder, Pure Beauty Sea Star flower, House of Puff rolling papers, and a Sava pouch.

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Sava, House of Puff, and Pure Beauty are thrilled to come together as three Latina-founded cannabis companies to bring you this limited edition set.


  • House of Puff x Sava's Soho Joint Holder
  • Pure Beauty Sea Star Flower 3.5g
  • House of Puff Paula Flores Rolling Papers
  • Sava Stash Pouch

About the Joint Holder

Our new Soho Holder will give your sesh a dash of downtown sophistication. When you use this holder, there's no more contact between your lips and your rolling papers. So your smoke stays nice and firm, and your lips stay picture perfect.

But a good holder is much more than an accessory. It safeguards your throat, fingers, makeup, and clothes. It also helps you make the most of your mix. With all that going for it, a beautiful joint holder is the perfect addition to your stash bag.

The petite Soho Holder is also made to accommodate different filter sizes. You can smoke out of either end of it. A slimmer smoke fits in one end, and a thicker one in the other.

Our exquisite hand-blown glass holder is handcrafted by an artist in California. Each hand-blown glass holder is a one-of-a-kind work of art all your own. Slight variations show the artist's hand.

Materials | Hand-blown borosilicate glass

About the Rolling Papers

Make getting lit even more pleasurable—with art that will take you to a beautiful place right on your rolling papers. That's what our artist series papers are all about.

These gorgeous papers come wrapped in the vibrant image of the original painting, Grass Level, by internationally acclaimed Latina artist, Paula Flores.

A portion of the proceeds from each pack goes directly to the artist. So you're not just getting yourself a work of art. You're also supporting Paula with every pack you buy. In keeping with her focus on nature, both our hemp rolling papers and slow-burning tips are unbleached and completely natural.

Material | Unbleached hemp, 33 king-sized leaves per booklet with thin, slow-burning tips.

About Pure Beauty Sea Star Flower

With the sweet, delicious flavor profile of Grape Pie and the potency of Animal Cookies, Sea Star is a dream cross. Purple and dark green in color, she shimmers as if you just plucked her from the water. Truly the perfect companion to unwind with after a long day. Even if that’s watching three hours of pools being made by hand on YouTube.

Grown sustainably indoor: all water is pulled from the air, saving millions of gallons of water a year; all power is generated on site and all soil is donated to public parks. We make our own nutrients and use beneficial insects to avoid adding anything-- even organic, “natural” pesticides--to the plant. And yes we talk to the flower.

Pure Beauty is a diverse team that makes social justice a core part of its mission.

More Information
Intro Text Limited edition set from Latina-owned brands.

Sea Star: Approximately 24.90% THC

Cannabinoids THC
Helps With Anxiety, Sleep, Relaxation
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