Love Balm

  • Nighttime
Emollient and soft to the touch balm to stimulate the senses.

A silky blend to inspire touch and play. Enjoy in self love or with partners. Not for use with latex. Read more.

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3rd Place Best Topical Winner Emerald Cup 2019!

Stimulate the senses with OM’s Love Balm - a silky blend to inspire touch and play. Enjoy in self love or with partners. Gentle enough for the face, pure enough for our most intimate places.

OM’s Love Balm is formulated to be intentionally emollient and soft to the touch. It may become liquid in a warm room. Simply put the balm in the fridge or freezer before use, if you prefer. Not for use with latex.

License: CDPH-10001131

Approximately 100 mg CBD - 420 mg THC per jar.

Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Calendula, Full Spectrum Cannabis

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