30:1 CBD Rich Tincture

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High CBD tincture for discomfort, normal inflammation, whole body wellness.

Releaf tinctures provide a holistic, discreet, and flexible option for whole body comfort. Use sublingually for best results. Read more.

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Papa & Barkley’s award-winning Releaf tinctures are the top selling tinctures in the California cannabis market. They provide a holistic, discreet, and flexible option for whole body comfort. For best results use tinctures sublingually.

Key Benefits

  • Fast-acting when used sublingually
  • Easy to personalize your dosage
  • Best value on the market – lowest price per milligram of cannabinoids
  • Various ratios mean there are many ways to use our tinctures: pre-and-post workout, a morning pick-me-up, throughout the workday, and before bed for restful sleep.

How It’s Made

  • Handcrafted with a whole plant infusion process to maintain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients
  • Chemical free – no isolates, distillates, or solvents
  • Just two simple ingredients: high-quality cannabis from small farms in the Emerald Triangle and MCT oil

License: CDPH-T00000046

Approximately 30:1 CBD:THC

15 ml bottle contains approximately 435 mg CBD - 15 mg THC, approximately 450 mg Total Cannabinoids

30 ml bottle contains approximately 850 mg CBD - 30 mg THC, approximately 880 mg Total Cannabinoids

Start with a 0.25ml dose under the tongue and hold for at least 15 seconds until absorbed to determine individual potency. Then swallow. Repeat as needed. Onset usually begins within 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Duration: 2-6 hours depending on individual factors
Onset time: <15 minutes sublingually, 1+ hour if swallowed
Starting dose: 0.25ml of graduated dropper
Preferred by individuals with: whole body aches or acute discomfort

MCT Oil, Cannabis.

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