G.S. Cookies Cartridge
G.S. Cookies Cartridge

G.S. Cookies Cartridge

Good for becoming mayor of Euphoria-town, floating in your bathtub, and forming a cosmic connection with your neighbor.

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This tasty morsel of magic will melt away the no-good-day, the unsolvable problem, the unnecessarily unpleasant co-worker, and will replace it with a metaphorical plate of cosmic cookies opening new pathways to friendlier faces. Why not grab a glass of milk, our G.S. Cookies cartridge and write a wish list to Santa.

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Intro Text A tasty hybrid to melt away the no-good-day and bring about good vibes only.

Cannabis oil


5 mg CBD - 332 mg THC Sonder cartridges are bottom airflow and work best with Sonder and most 510 power supplies. If using a power supply made for top airflow cartridges, loosen the cartridge slightly to let air through. Extreme temperatures can cause your cartridge to leak or become inoperable. Optimal temperature for operation is 50°-85°F.

Helps With Anxiety, Mood, Stress
Cannabinoids THC, CBD
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