A Conversation with Autumn Brands Owner Hanna Brand

Autumn Brands is a woman and family-owned farm along the coast of Santa Barbara County that uses sustainable farming techniques, natural sunlight and pesticide-free cultivation. This means setting an industry standard with 100% no-spray cannabis farming and a commitment to purity, rigorous testing, and hand trimming. 

The Santa Barbara climate is perfect for year-round growing for optimal plant health. Tucked in between the ocean and the mountains, this family farm produces some of the purest flower in the United States. Their genetics are carefully selected to ensure strength, viability, and consistency with the coastal and balanced ecosystem.

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We sat down with Hanna Brand, owner and Chief Sales Officer, to talk about her background in agriculture, going into business with her family, and what makes Autumn unique. 

What inspired you to found Autumn Brands?

I grew up working with my dad, Hans, and brother, Johnny, in these greenhouses when we grew cut flower, so agriculture has always been part of my work and family life. When I was attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo it was evident to my dad that there wasn’t opportunity for me to return after school because of the declining cut flower market. 

Transitioning crops was the way to keep our family farm alive and bring in a new partner, Autumn Shelton, who was the CFO for the cut flower company. Autumn Brands grew from passion for responsible agriculture, dedication to growing clean and sustainable products, and from the love of two families working and growing together.  

What sets your flower apart from others on the market? 

We are 100% spray-free! We stopped using pesticides, fungicides, organic oils or anything about four years ago. We decided that customers don’t deserve to inhale chemicals, even if the state didn’t ban them. This industry is so new and we don’t know the repercussions of lighting and inhaling organic pesticide but we believe it is most likely harmful and we believe people deserve clean cannabis products.

Why do you choose to grow your flower in a greenhouse, instead of indoor or outdoor?

Greenhouse offers the best sustainable options with the benefits of control. We use natural sunlight and cooling while also protecting from pests. We are able to eliminate the complete use of pesticides and fungicides. I truly believe greenhouses can grow top-quality products sustainably with natural resources, which makes it the better option over indoor and outdoor.

How did you decide to get involved in the cannabis industry?

I was studying agriculture, so the decision was an easy one. After graduating from college, I started full time and took over post-harvest production. My love for cannabis began to flourish as I continued to learn about the benefits it provides and the true miracle this medicine is for so many.

What are you excited to see this year in the cannabis industry?

I have focused our company to continue to educate about the importance of clean cannabis and am excited for more about the true potential of this plant in our lives.


Want to give Autumn a try? Shop flower, pre-rolls, and topicals, delivered directly to your door.