Sweedies Mood Rings are Changing the Way We Snack on Cannabis Gummies

Are you a low-doser who loves the explosion of gourmet edibles on the market, but wishes you didn’t have to stop at just one? Or even worse, that you need to gingerly bite a gummy in half in order to get the right dose?

Enter Sweedies, the brand behind the new cannabis-infused fruit snacks meant to be enjoyed and snacked on. Each fruit snack is 0.5mg THC and 0.5mg CBD, for a total of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD per pouch. These gummies, known as Mood Rings, are designed for you to enjoy an entire pouch worry-free, and you can even split it with a friend for a lighter dose. 

Mood Rings are designed to be mood-elevating thanks to a fast-acting hybrid strain and infusions of adaptogens. Wondering about adaptogens? You’re not alone! They’re a class of herbs, mushrooms, and minerals that help protect the body from stress-induced dysfunction. Mood Rings contain l-theanine (for calm and focus without drowsiness), schisandra (to support the body’s stress response), and vitamin b6 (for immune system health). 

Sweedies is available exclusively in NorCal at Sava! Get Mood Rings delivered to your door today. 

We sat down with Sweedies Co-Founders Olivia Smith and Rachel Richman to chat about their inspiration founding Sweedies and their experience as women in the cannabis industry. 


What inspired you to found Sweedies? 

We were both looking for something that was missing in the space–a product on par with the functional, healthy treats we love. We honestly created this product as the answer to what we (and our friends) were seeking. What’s the point of a gummy tasting amazing if you are only having half of it to get a 5mg dose of THC? We wanted the experience to be indulgent and snackable–from there we dreamed up a good-for-you, cannabis-infused “scooby snack”! 

Additionally, we come from the beauty industry where brand is everything. We dreamed of creating a beautiful, approachable, and fun brand that we could relate to and wanted to actively engage with–we couldn’t find that among so much of the hyper-masculine branding in the cannabis space.


What sets your Mood Rings apart from other gummies on the market?

This is truly the first fruit snack format edible. Each pouch (or serving) is a 45-calorie treat of 10 raspberry, lychee and strawberry gummies, infused with a total of 5mg THC + 5mg CBD plus a dose of adaptogen schisandra, vitamins b5 and b6, and l-theanine for a mood-enhancing effect. They are refined sugar-free, low-calorie, snackable, and fast-acting. We really wanted to be sure our customer could feel confident sitting back and enjoying a pouch of sweedies while watching Netflix, without worrying about dosage. 

We approached formulation of the product as a CPG brand vs. a cannabis product–we even developed the active stack with an ex-Moon Juice formulator! We wanted to be sure the supplements in our product were present in the right dosage, and would work synergistically with the cannabinoids.


What three songs would you suggest someone listen to while enjoying your Sweedies Mood Rings?

What are you excited to see this year in the cannabis industry?

Cannabis has gone through a really turbulent couple of years, and we believe we are entering a new era in cannabis that presents many opportunities. More than ever before, this allows for brands rooted in innovation, values, and community to thrive. We are super intent on growing profitably, without relying on unsustainable growth tactics like heavy discounts. We are excited to see to how product and brands evolve, and of course, excited about the continued de-stigmatization of cannabis as it becomes legal across more and more states.


How has being a women-founded company shaped your experience in the cannabis industry?

Coming from the beauty world, and working largely with women, it was a huge adjustment, as the industry is still incredibly male-dominated. However, this has fostered a really incredible community of women in the industry who are so willing to share knowledge, make introductions, and help lift each other up. We are so grateful for the women who have helped us along the way, including Andrea Brooks (Sava founder!), Marta Mae (founder of Angel Therapy), Karson Humiston (founder of Vangst), Emily Paxhia (founder of Poseidon), and Meghan Davis (founder of NXTLVL). 

Want to give Sweedies a try? Get Mood Rings delivered to your door today, exclusively from Sava.