Landrace Origins founder Amber Senter talks pairing coffee and cannabis

The first specialty coffee brand offering unique pairing suggestions matching tasting notes of coffee to full cannabis flower, Landrace Origins offers a unique sensory journey across cannabis and coffee. 

Landrace Origins sources their cannabis and coffee from small farmers and cooperatives around the globe. They offer a unique pairing experience matching tasting notes of coffee to full flower. Each pre-roll is paired with a 1.8 oz bag of single-origin, specialty coffee. The brand launched with Durban Poison hash-infused pre-rolls which comes with medium-roast coffee ethically sourced from Congo.
The brand is led by Founder and CEO Amber Senter, an entreprenuer and activist whose work in social equity is focused lowering barriers of entry for Black and Brown people into the cannabis space, and for communities most impacted by the failed War on Drugs. We sat down with Amber for a chat about Landrace Origins and her take on California's cannabis industry. 


Sava: What inspired you to found Landrace Origins?

Amber: The inspiration behind Landrace Origins stemmed from a desire to create a unique experience where the worlds of specialty coffee and cannabis could harmoniously come together. I wanted to encourage customers to explore the realm of pairing specialty coffee with curated cannabis cultivars from around the world.

By thoughtfully selecting ethically sourced coffee beans from small farmers in places such as Africa, and partnering with organizations like Rebuild Women’s Hope (RWH), we aim to support sustainable and fair trade practices and bring light to organizations uplifting causes we champion, like empowering women.

The aromas and flavors of our Congolese Single Origin Coffee pair perfectly with our Durban Poison, our suggested cannabis strains allows both coffee and cannabis enthusiasts to indulge in an exceptional sensory journey.

Sava: Cannabis is a challenging industry. What keeps you in this space?

Amber: I find fulfillment in creating unique cannabis products that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. MAKR House is fostering a sense of community, both within our team and our customers, by promoting inclusivity, diversity, and fun. My mission is to create brands and teams that embrace everyone’s unique spark, ultimately making the cannabis industry more inclusive and progressive.

Sava: What do you wish people knew more about the Queer community and cannabis?

Amber: The Queer community and cannabis share a deep connection rooted in empowerment and healing. Exploring this intersection gives us stories of resilience, self-discovery, and community. It’s essential for people to recognize how cannabis has played a significant role in Queer culture, fostering creativity and well-being.


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