The Story Behind Cosmic View's Cannabis Topicals and Tinctures

After her daughter Nicole was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2017, Dr. Christine Skibola fell into a rabbit hole of holistic health research, which she incorporated into her 20+ year career as a professor and cancer researcher. The result was Cosmic View, a mother-daughter-led brand whose beautifully crafted and designed cannabis topicals and tinctures are rooted in science and crafted with care.

Cosmic View products are never, ever made with harsh chemicals, and integrate various herbs and plant-based oils. Each formulation is backed by scientific research on the biological actions of all of their ingredients and their potential synergistic effects.

We sat down with Nicole Skibola to discuss her inspiration behind the company, working alongside her mother, and what sets Cosmic View apart from other THC topicals and tinctures on the market.

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What inspired you and your co-founder and mother, Christine Skibola, to found Cosmic View?

Nicole: There are so many roads that led to Cosmic View. A big one was surviving a cancer diagnosis and learning more about plant medicine as a result of that experience, especially given my mom's scientific research on seaweed and female cancers at UC Berkeley and the University of Alabama. 

The other part of surviving a cancer diagnosis was knowing that my life was never going to be the same and that my professional path was never going to be the same. I was called to become an artist and to build a meaningful professional existence. I was also called to be a healer, as was my mother. Cancer was the greatest teacher and the greatest leader in both our lives. It is why Cosmic View is here today. 

What sets your tinctures and topicals apart from others on the market? 

Nicole: Okay, well, I am going to get hippie here for a minute, but I think it's important. 

There is spirit in our medicine. This means that every step of the process from sourcing to manufacturing is so intentional and conscious. For example, all of our cannabis is sourced from sungrown, small family farms practicing regenerative growing methods. We grow many of the herbs in our formulations and source some from our partner farms. Our olive oil base is from Northern California and it is absolutely incredible on its own. We make everything by hand in house and we bless our batches of medicine. The quality of our products is actually kind of ridiculous and I feel confident in saying—completely unparalleled on the cannabis market. It's what happens when you treat your business as a part of your art practice. 

How do you choose farms to partner with to grow your cannabis?

Nicole: We have been working with all of our farms for years and at this point they are family. Our farms are practicing regenerative growing methods that honor the Earth. They care about medicine making such as growing high-CBD varietals and breeding for rare cannabinoids. They are here because they are passionate about cannabis, the earth and people, not getting rich. 

How has your co-founder Christine Skibola's scientific background and PhD in environmental health sciences influenced the formulation of your products?

Nicole: My mom has always loved making things and she is a naturally talented formulator. So she is definitely the magic behind our extremely effective products. Generally, we will think of an end state that we are after such as skin issues, sleep, or mood and then she will turn to the scientific literature to research terpenes, cultivars, herbs, and other plant oils that have been effective for a given issue. 

She is meticulous about her sourcing and we do not buy major ingredients from overseas, such as base oils or waxes, due to the potential for impurities and ecological impact. We are of the belief that an effective product is a result of the formulation itself, the quality of the ingredients and the spirit of the plant and the maker. 

What are you excited to see this year in the cannabis industry?

Nicole: I am excited to continue to change the lives of our customers by staying true to our mission and our values. 

What is it like running a business with a close family member?

Nicole: There is literally no one else I could have done this with. I will look back at the end of my life and this will be a highlight. It's been such a gift. 

Want to give Cosmic View a try? Shop topicals and tinctures, delivered directly to your door.