Pure Beauty is a boutique cannabis brand that focuses on quality of product, minimalist design and the overall user experience.

Our flower is grown indoors in one of the most environmentally progressive cultivations in the country. All water used to grow our plants is captured from the air using dehumidification; so no tap or outside water sources are used. This saves millions of gallons of water a year. As an indoor cultivation, we operate as a closed loop system, meaning no fertilizer or chemical runoff and ensuring surrounding waters and land are kept clean and pure.

Our all-natural soil we plant with - a creation we call “soil food web”, made up of friendly bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes, coupled with macro-organisms like earthworms and roly-polys - not only creates healthy plant food but helps prevent disease and plant-eating predators. Because our soil is all natural and so nutrient rich, we are allowed to then donate all used soil to public parks. Each plant is hand watered every day. Each flower is hand trimmed. And yes, we talk to the plants. We take pride in the consistent quality of our flower and interesting blend of genetics--a mix of both exotic blends and tried and true classics.