Babies Indica Pre-Roll Pack

  • i Indica
  • Nighttime
Wind down with these indica pre-rolls, good for stress, anxiety, and sleep issues.

A special indica blend containing 65% Lemon Diesel OG, 20% Dolato, and 15% Rose OG. Read more.

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Pure Beauty's special indica blend contains 65% Lemon Diesel OG, 20% Dolato, and 15% Rose OG.

Each box of babies contains an eighth of flower rolled into 10 mini joints. We are very particular about the quality of flower that goes into every joint and never use trim or shake. Only whole flower. The cones are made with hemp paper and, combined with the grind of the flower, create a slow, even burn. They are ideal for quick personal use and make for a great party pack to share.

Each pack contains ten .35g joints.

License: C11-0001100-LIC

100% cannabis flower

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