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This Valentine’s Day, Enhance Your Love Inside and Out

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or just consider February 14th as a self-love day, we love any excuse to tap into our sensuality and treat ourselves to a romantic evening. We’ve collected the cream of the crop cannabis chocolates and other mouthwatering Valentine gift ideas for people looking to enjoy an elevated and memorable experience.

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Melt Their Heart with Cannabis Chocolates 

At Sava, we’re thrilled to be the best place to buy edibles online in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we invite you to try our discreet and easy edibles delivery for a special Valentine’s treat.

We’ve collected some of our most mouthwatering edible chocolate bars options for you to show love, whether it’s for a partner, a bestie, or even yourself.

Get Romantic with Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Edibles

Is there anything more classically romantic than a rich Belgian dark chocolate? We think not! 

That’s why we are absolutely obsessed with the Love Colitas THCv Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate from Mindset Cannabis.

These indulgent treats are the perfect mix of Belgian dark chocolate with peanut butter. They also pack a punch of creative energy with 10:1 THC to THCv ratio that makes for a delicious body-high and uplifted mindset for an aphrodisiac effect.

These Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate bites are truly the perfect treat for a romantic evening with your sweetie, whether you’re dancing to your favorite tunes or relaxing and cuddling with your loved one. 

love colitas chocolate on white

Be Happy and Healthy with Lavender and Sea Salt Chocolate

We’re head over heels for this CBD-rich chocolate treat: Oara’s Lavender and Sea Salt Probiotic Dark Chocolates. Made with Provence French lavender and Maldon sea salt, these rich chocolates are sure to have you feeling dreamy and relaxed.

Not only do these chocolates taste great, they’re also nutritious. They contain daily probiotics to support your endocannabinoid system and improve digestion and immunity while reducing inflammation. What’s more romantic than feeling healthy and happy in your own body?

product shot of oara lavender chocolat

Create Midnight Passion with Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bars

Kiva, one of California's leading edibles brands, offers a wide marijuana chocolate selection that you can’t help but love. We recommend their Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bars to give as a Valentine’s gift, or enjoy together. 

The succulent and slightly tart blackberry mingles with creamy dark chocolate to form a perfectly balanced bar. Each bar contains 100mg THC in twenty ridged squares for easy dosing.

Savor the richness of the dark chocolate and blackberry as they melt in your mouth, and get ready to enjoy an elevated, romantic evening.

product shot of kiva blackberry choco bar

Take It Easy with Chai CBD Milk Chocolate

If you’re looking forward to spending a relaxing evening at home, it doesn’t get much better than Garden Society’s Chai CBD Milk Chocolates. With 1mg THC and 10mg CBD per piece, these chocolates offer a relaxed and focused feeling with little to no high. They’re perfect for turning down the volume on the stress of daily life and tuning into your partner on Valentine’s Day.

These silky cannabis chocolates are like a warm chai latte for your body and soul. We love that they’re made with fair trade chocolate and uncompromising, quality ingredients. Each pack comes with ten chocolates for easy sharing.

product shot of garden society chai chocolates

Enjoy a Relaxing Evening with Vegan Dark Chocolate

Bhang’s CBD Caramel 1:1 Chocolate raises the bar for gourmet edibles, with each bar offering a balanced ratio of 100mg THC and 100mg CBD for a mellow experience. 

Made with sustainably-sourced cacao and a hybrid blend, Bhang’s caramel dark chocolate is a smooth treat. They use a proprietary blend of beans to achieve a rich, velvety texture with a cannabis-free taste. 

Bhang’s commitment to the environment is folded into every aspect of their production, from sustainably-sourced ingredients to recycled packaging printed with soy-based inks. 

product shot of bhang caramel bar

Make a Statement with Belgian Chocolate and Feeling Frosty Rosin

If you’re a high-doser looking for a variety of  flavors in your cannabis delivery, we invite you to check out Om Edibles’ Belgian Rosin-Infused Chocolate Bars. Available in Mint Cookie Crunch and Peanut Butter Toffee Milk Chocolate, all of these edible chocolate bars are made with 100mg THC and are divided into 10 squares for easy dosing. 

You can choose your own flavor adventure, all while being assured of a consistent, high-quality, elevated experience that comes from combining top-of-the-line Belgian chocolate and Feeling Frosty’s solvent-free rosin. Share these edible chocolate bars with your Valentine, or each have your own perfect flavor!

product shot of om chocolate

Enjoy a Twist on Sweet and Salty with Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Almonds

Give your loved one the ultimate taste of California with Satori’s Salted Caramel Almonds in Dark Chocolate. Coated with rich THC-infused chocolate, these California almonds offer a delectable, caramelized flavor and a satisfying crunch. If you’re obsessed with sweet and salty, these tasty treats fit the bill perfectly.

Each tin contains <6mg CBD and 100mg THC, perfect for relaxing into an unforgettable evening.

product shot of satori almonds

Get Out of That Chocolate and Into Something a Little More Sensual

If you’re looking for something a little farther from ordinary than marijuana chocolate, we’ve got you covered! Our shelves are stocked with an abundance of hand-picked, high-quality edibles for sale, as well as other unique Valentine gift ideas.

As your cannabis-expert-friend who brings only California’s best to your door, we are dedicated to finding the ideal cannabis experience for each member of our community, no matter their preferences. 

Play the Night Away with Cannabis-Enhanced Love Balm

If you’re planning a sensual night, OM’s Love Balm is the secret ingredient that will unlock passion, relaxation, and love.

This topical emollient balm is fragrance-free and has an approximately 1:4 CBD to THC ratio to stimulate the senses and ease you into an evening of delicious touch.Use Love Balm with your lover or on your own for a memorable sensual experience.

product shot of om love balm

Enhance Your Excitement with Dosist Arouse Gummies

For a quick, discreet boost in sensuality, we love the Dosist Arouse Gummies. Each vegan gummy has a 1:2 CBD to THC ratio. The precise cannabis terpene blend, plus natural mint and strawberry flavors will awaken your senses.

product shot of arouse gummies by dosist

Power Your Passion with Love Potion No. 7 Tincture

At Sava, we believe that beautiful ingredients make for beautiful products, so we are not exaggerating when we say that Humboldt Apothecary’s Love Potion No. 7 Tincture is as gorgeous as California sunshine.

Coconut MCT oil, cannabis extract, cardamom, cacao, vanilla beans—oh my! These sensuality-enhancing ingredients come together in a luscious oil that promotes a euphoric mood and a healthy libido.This tasty tincture can be used externally for enhanced pleasure, too. Don’t mind if we do!

product shot of love potion tincture by humboldt apothecary

Slide into Sexier Sensations with Night Moves Intimate Oil

For sensation-boosting oil, we recommend Night Moves Intimate Oil from Quim. Made with MCT oil, cannabis, tea tree oil, and damiana (a medicinal plant that enhances relaxation), each beautiful little bottle contains 40 servings of natural, THC-enhanced intimacy. While Night Moves is not latex safe, Quim offers an aloe-based alternative that’s compatible with latex. 

Quim is mindfully designed to intensify sensation, increase libido, and even serve as a health supplement for your intimate areas. Apply liberally wherever you desire enhanced sensation twenty minutes before play time, and let yourself get swept away in gorgeous sensuality.

product shot of night moves oil by quim

Sip Your Way to Some Sensual Vibes with Sensuali-Tea

Kikoko, our favorite cannabis tea brand, has long been in the business of women’s health and pleasure, and is now available for edibles delivery.

Their Sensuali-Tea is an aromatic combination of hibiscus, cardamom, and rose that will have you smiling as you steep. Once you make your tea, the journey continues. Each sachet contains 7mg THC for a moderate dose that is designed to boost libido and intensify climax.

product shot of sensualitea by kikoko
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Find Your Cannabis Love Connection at Sava Today

This Valentine’s Day, let Sava cannabis delivery bring you the best and most romantic edibles for sale in the Bay Area. You don’t have to stress looking for the perfect romantic gift when you can easily buy edibles online, and get every question answered by our passionate and knowledgeable staff.

Whether you’re looking for chocolates, flowers, or other delectable cannabis treats, Sava’s discreet edibles delivery is just what the love doctor ordered!

Order cannabis online or call today to get personalized recommendations for your best Valentine’s Day ever!