Cannabis Newbie Gift Guide

Maybe it’s your mom, maybe it’s your boss, maybe it’s your best friend, but we’re certain that there’s someone in your life who hasn’t tried cannabis since that one super-awful time in high school when they got paranoid and shaky. Or maybe you know someone who’s cutting down on alcohol, or who could use a little pain relief without always turning to Advil. Here are a few of our favorite products for anyone who’s just getting started exploring the benefits of cannabis. And remember—always recommend starting low and going slow when it comes to dosing!

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Sava and Cann’s Lime Basil Social Tonic

Though we’d recommend Lime Basil to any and everyone, this low-dose option is especially great for newbies since it can easily replace your nightly after-work beverage for a mellow wind down.

Shop Lime Basil.

Kiva Sparkling Pear Prosecco Gummies

With just 2mg THC and 6mg CBD, these low-dose gummies are perfect for unwinding, just as you might in wine country. 

Shop Sparkling Pear Prosecco Gummies.

Drew Martin Botanical Pre-Rolls

Blended with specific herbs and botanicals, Drew Martin pre-rolls are great for folks who might be new to smoking, don’t love the smell of weed, and worry about getting too high. 

Shop Drew Martin Pre-Rolls.

Kikoko Sleep Mints

One of our favorite uses of cannabis is drifting off to dreamland, and these mints from Kikoko really get the job done. We’re also big fans of Kikoko’s Calm and Focus mints, which offer low doses of THC.

Shop Kikoko Mints.

Cosmic View Deep Down Balm

Folks who are new to cannabis might not immediately associate the plant with pain relief, but we’re happy to make the introduction! Cosmic View’s Deep Down balm is perfect for achy muscles and joints.

Shop Deep Down Balm.

Wyld Strawberry CBD Gummies 

Many newbies might not know that adding CBD to THC creates a calming, relaxing experience. These fresh fruit gummies from Oregon’s leading edibles brand pack 20mg CBD and just 1mg THC per serving, perfect for taking it super easy. 

Shop Wyld Strawberry Gummies.

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