Meet Our Women-Owned Brands 2020

Sava was founded by three women wanting to create the cannabis shopping experience we saw missing from the world - a highly curated source of top quality products that provided transparency into where products come from and information on how to use them. 

Being a women-founded company, it felt important to us to foster inclusivity in the industry. That’s why we commit to always having half of the brands on our platform be women-owned. 

Did you know you can shop by women-owned brands

At Sava, we are women supporting women in the cannabis industry and beyond.

In honor of International Women’s Day this coming weekend, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our amazing family of women-owned brands. Read their stories, and get inspired!


From award winning organic olive oil to fifty years of off-the-grid ranching, Aster Farms embodies responsible stewardship, integrity, and consistent quality. Julia Jacobson and her husband are founders of this off-the-grid farm that embodies responsible stewardship, integrity, and consistent quality.

Julia Jacobson part founder of Aster Farms


Amy and Peter started making cannabis beverages for their friends and family, taking them on camping trips or bringing them to dinner parties. They found people looking to relax but drink less alcohol loved them, so CA Dreamin’ was born. 

Amy of California Dreamin


After her daughter was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, Dr. Christine Skibola fell into a rabbit hole of holistic health research, which she incorporated into her 20+ year career as a professor, & cancer researcher with world renown institutions such as UC Berkeley, the National Cancer Institute, and the World Health Organization. What was born was Cosmic View, beautifully crafted and designed products that are rooted in science and made with intention.

Dr. Christine Skibola and her daughter at Cosmic View


Bringing sustainability to a new level with the first dry farmed cannabis, Eel River's cannabis is grown with organic inputs in Humboldt County.


Fruit Slabs were created by a team who wanted to see healthier edible options being offered in the cannabis market. They created an edible line that features less than five ingredients, 100 calories or less in each package, and using all organic certified, real fruit ingredients, making Fruit Slabs naturally vegan and gluten-free.

Fruit slabs team member smiling


Founder Erin Gore along with her co-founder Karli Warner created Garden Society to serve women in search of new, more holistic ways to renew and restore from the chaos of their daily lives. The duo are fearless advocates for women-owned cannabis businesses, and equally dedicated to breaking the stigma and rewriting the script around the plant.

Garden Society Co-Founder Erin Gore

Garden Society Co-Founder Karli Warner


Green Bee Botanicals was founded by Bridget May, a botanist and chemist who left the biopharmaceutical industry to pursue her passion for cannabis medicine. After leveraging her knowledge of plant medicine, her biology degree, and her biopharmaceutical experience, she formulated her first cannabis skincare product: a face serum that went on to win Best Cannabis Topical in a 2018 state-wide competition. Today, Green Bee Botanicals creates clean, whole-plant cannabis skincare for beautiful skin and medicinal salves to help the body heal itself.

Bee Botanicals Bridget May


Founded by former professional snowboarder Circle Wallace, Hot Nife seeks out women growers as much as possible to source their flower. 

Hot Knife founder


Humble Flower is a women owned and operated company, founded by two friends who share a passion for cannabis cultivation and business.

women founders of Humble Flower


Humboldt Apothecary is a women owned and operated business nestled in the redwoods of Humboldt County, California. The founders have over 25 years of experience as herbalists and are committed to sustainable & environmentally mindful practices. 

women who own Humboldt Apothecary


Founder Jewel Zimmer’s background as a fine-dining pastry chef and certified sommelier in San Francisco, informs her ingredient-focused approach to cannabis alchemy. After years of research and development, building close relationships with farmers, chemists, and medical experts, Jewel established Juna with the goal of creating the most effective, consistent, and epicurean edibles possible.

Juna founder Jewel Zimmer


Inspired by a friend who was battling cancer, and not wanting to smoke cannabis, Kikoko was created by two middle-aged women—one formerly a journalist and the other a serial entrepreneur, who tackled the industry to create a product line that appeals to women of all ages who want alternatives to pharmaceuticals for sleep, mood, pain and libido and who want products that are sensibly dosed.

Kikoko's two women founders


Kiskanu is a family owned and operated organic topical beauty and wellness line handcrafted in Eureka, CA. With over 40 years combined experience, the founders of Kiskanu have brought their knowledge of cultivation, herbalism and cannabis therapy to create a line that offers an easy introduction to cannabis and its benefits for all types of cannabis users.

Kiskanu founder


La Haute was founded by three friends from the fashion and design worlds that believe cannabis has a place in a well-rounded approach to wellness.


Level's mission is to create cannabis products that empower people to live healthier, happier, and more enjoyable lives. 

Level founder


Stephanie Hua is the founder and chief confectioner behind mellows and author of Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen. Mellows was born from her desire to create a beautiful, delicious, low-dose edible that is pure delight from the moment you pick up a box, to the first taste, to the mellow feeling imparted.

Stephanie Hue the founder of Mellows


Om Edibles is an all-female collective dedicated to providing the most effective, enjoyable, consistent, and highest quality of edibles, tinctures, and topicals to California medical marijuana patients.

Female smelling cannabis flower at Om Edible


Chris & Fel are two real life best friends with a passion for exciting, artisanal products and the benefits of cannabis. Potli started with the honey itself, harvested in hives on their own farm in Northern California.

Potli's Chris and Fel


Pure Beauty is an environmentally progressive boutique cannabis brand whose high quality flower is grown indoors in one of the most eco-sustainable cultivations in the country.

Pure Beauty founder


Quim started with two women and their vaginas. After years of dealing with persistent vaginal health they collaborated to share their learning and create a formula that works: happier vaginas and better sex through the natural powers of cannabis and the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil. Their products are made for people with vaginas and those who love people with vaginas.

the 2 women that started Quim


Rosette Wellness believes in the highest quality from seed to final product. This dedication results in a better tasting, more effective product, where quality, consistency, and advanced cannabis technologies commune.


Created for women by women, Sexxpot takes the edge off and sends the body into a relaxed, yet vibrant body flow of sensual delights.

women from Sexxpot smiling


Founded by Faun Chapin and M. Paradise, individuals with a deep love of cannabis as a tool for creativity, Sonder answers to those looking for a way to engage deeply within themselves, the world around them, and the people we share it with. All of the cannabis is grown on their family-run farms in Mendocino County by practices that have been passed down and combined with modern cultivation techniques to grow 100% pesticide free, sun grown cannabis, rich in flavorful terpenes and cannabinoids.

Faun Chapin and M. Paradise


Sweet Releaf is a unique mother/daughter led company on a mission to bring comfort to pain sufferers who need localized relief, while continuing to perform normal daily activities. A leader in sun-grown, full spectrum, THC-rich cannabis topicals since 2015, Sweet Releaf’s award-winning formulations merge Western Science and Eastern Holistic medicine together to quickly restore equilibrium to painful conditions.

Mother and daughter team at Sweet Releaf


Sweetwater Pharms is a small-batch cultivation team based in Sonoma County, that cultivate, process, package and label our line-up of premium whole flower cannabis products in-house.


The Farmaceuticals Co. is a women owned and operated healing company in Big Sur, CA.

WOmen of The Farmaceuticals Co


The name TSO Sonoma, derives from “Tso-noma,” meaning “earth-village” in the native Pomo Indian language. Allison and Devika, natives of Northern California wine country, connected over an appreciation for the unique terroir of the region and the uplifting benefits of cannabis. In their active lives as entrepreneurs and moms, they found cannabis to be the perfect complement to their holistic self-care.

Allison and Devika of TSO Sonoma


With a team of academic and research professionals, Verra Wellness doesn’t just tap into the natural power of cannabis — they tap into the human power of a scientific approach.

Verra Wellness women smiling